bibs glow in the dark pacifier

Bibs Pacifier I Glow in the dark pacifier

There is a reason why both moms and babies are so in love with the Bibs pacifier.  Yes, it’s trendy and the colors are beautiful, but let’s get into the product.

Bibs pacifiers are BPA free silicone rubber and breastfed babies experience the same natural soft feel as the mothers’ breast with a very similar shape.  With three sizes, according to age, there is a perfect paci for everyone.

Bibs pacifiers are designed and manufactured in Denmark and have been selling worldwide.   Lilattoosh Baby sells and ships free in the USA.


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BIBS Pacifier Glow In The Dark


BIBS Pacifier Black and White

How do you clean Bibs pacifiers?

Like any other pacifier, initially sterilize in boiling hot water for 4-5 minutes, remove the pacifier and let it cool. After initial cleanse, just use soap and water.

What sizes do the Bibs Pacifier come in?

Bibs Pacifier sizes are 1, 2 & 3

Size 1 – 0-6m (recommended)

Size 2 – 6-18m (recommended)

Size 3 – 18-36m (recommended)