Why we love posh peanut Lana leopard print so much

Posh Peanut Lana Leopard print arrives

It’s here!  Lana Leopard from Posh Peanut has made it’s official landing as a core product for Posh Peanut.  This means it will be a staple, a regular on their site.  What does this mean for us?  It will always be available to restock and buy when your babe outgrows your last Lana Leopard purchase.

Why do we love it so much?  Well…aren’t you just as obsessed with leopard print as we are?  Don’t you have a few leopard pieces in your closet?  If you don’t, go get some because it’s a trend that will be sticking around for a while. The BEST part of this is that you can now easily do mommy-and-me matching!  Any leopards of any colors go well together and it’s even cuter when you match your mini.

posh peanut Lana

Posh Peanut’s Lana Leopard print perfect fit for any event

Lana Leopard is great for every day wear, as well as getting dressed and ready to impress for a special occasion or outing.  Pair it with new kicks and a black bow and your babe is ready for play dates or pre-school or dress it up with ballet flats and she is ready for a party!


Posh Peanut Lana Leopard Zippered Ruffle Footie

If you love to be on-trend, why not be fashionable all the time?  Just because your going to sleep or hanging around home, doesn’t mean your babe can’t be dressed to impress.  It’ll make Mama feel good that at least someone looks good!


Lana Leopard Long Sleeve Ruffled Romper

This ruffled romper is a new style for Posh Peanut.  With a clean front, snaps on the bottom, it can be worn as a daytime outfit with a cute pair of moccs or as jammies at night.  Add a little ruffle & leopard and your babe has it all!


Posh Peanut Lana Leopard Twirl Bodysuit

The twirl bodysuit.  Everyone’s favorite item in their babe’s closet!  The mad rush for twirl bodysuits…what’s the craziness all about?  They are SO SO CUTE!  Okay, there’s a bit more than that.  Isn’t it so annoying when your little one is in the stroller and their dress is all the way up around their belly because they are moving so much?  Now it’s not only not so cute but their little bodies are cold!  So here we have the twirl bodysuit.  It’s a regular bodysuit with an added skirt so the mini gets the look of a dress but it doesn’t ride up!  Genius!  Wear is just as is, or pair it with a legging or biker short and now you have the cutest and most comfortable dress!  And, then add Lana Leopard print and you are SET!

How to build the most amazing outfit with Lana Leopard print?

Okay, we have that covered, too.  The best thing about Lana Leopard is it’s ability to be worn as a cute jammy or as the best-dressed girl in town!  Pair it with a cute pair of gold, silver, neutral or black moccs and your babe will be dressed to impress.  Add a matching bow and a matching paci and clip and she’ll be all set!  Bottom line… Don’t pass up on Lana Leopard.  It’s a staple, the new neutral and can be worn as lounge wear or out and about.

Must-Have Baby Registry Items

Preparing for a new bundle of joy? Or getting ready for baby number…. whatever it is, new baby products are popping up making mommy-hood that much simpler.  Each baby brings new products, new obstacles and with new and improved products, it just eases the anxiety and makes your life, Mommy, easier.
With just having my fifth baby (yes, during a pandemic), of course I bought some new products, upgraded some old (but great) products, or recycled the faves!
Keep on reading for the tried & tested and some of the best baby products out there! (Click on photo to shop!)

Blooming Bath Flower Bath:

One word sums up this product: WOW!  I have tried many different types of baths and this is by far my favorite!  This product has won the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent approved) award, too!  It sits comfortably inside of any sink and really snuggles the baby like when in the mommy’s belly.  You don’t have to waste time or water filling up a large bath tub and then getting back pains for having to lean over.  Best part, it washes well!  Every time I do baby’s load of laundry, I throw it in the washer and dryer.  Simple to use, easy to clean and super comfy for baby!

Doona Car Seat/Stroller:

Okay, this is another Wow! Truthfully, since we are in the middle of a pandemic, I haven’t used it as much as if we weren’t.  But, the car seat is an all-in-one deal.  It’s a car seat that with a simple click unfolds to a stroller! How cool is that? No more stroller attachments, carrying heavy car seats to do a quick in and out errand and makes traveling easy!  This is a no brainer Mom’s!

Hospital Hat

These are a must-have for your hospital bag for your new babe!  So sweet and such an upgrade from the normal baby hats or hospital hats they give to you.  It makes your new bundle of joy look their best and give picture-perfect memories from day 1!  They are super soft and made from hospital-grade fabric to ensure it will be comfortable with no rash for baby.

Shop Hospital Hats at Lilattoosh Baby

Boppy Lounger

So when I had my first baby 8 years ago, I bought the Boppy.  Ya know, the one that’s U – shaped to help make feeds more comfortable?  And while I used it for that purpose, I loved the incline of it so I filled the U with a blanket so my baby could use it more of a lounger.  While I was shopping for baby products and doing my research before this baby arrived, I found the product I wish they had made 8 years ago! The Boppy Lounger! And yes, it’s as amazing as I thought it would be.  You’ll thank me later!

Kyte Baby Bundler

What an upgrade to the old-fashioned newborn gown!  I never understood the concept of having an elastic ‘closure’ at the bottom of the gown.  Sweet babe would be freezing!  The bundler is just as it sounds; bundles up your baby with a few simple snaps.  I loved these for the first 2- 3 months.  Made middle of the night diaper changes a breeze and it was super comfy for baby.  Oh, and how could I forget? They are made from 97% bamboo rayon and 3% spandex making them the absolute most comfortable thing ever.  You’ll want the whole line.

Shop Kyte Baby Bundler at Lilattoosh Baby

Sleep Bag

Well, that brings me to this AH-MAZE-ING product.  No, seriously.  if you don’t have this, click and order it now!  It’s literally a miracle worker.  At around two months old, I transfer my infant from swaddling to this sleep bag.  It’s not only the safest alternative, but it actually helps reduce the percentage of SIDS.  It’s made of 97% rayon bamboo and is the SOFTEST thing you have ever felt.  You’ll want one for yourself, too.  It features a double zipper, so you can unzip from the bottom for middle of the night diaper changes and comes in Togs, which is the weight of the bag according to the temperature in the room (1.0 is perfect for the average temp).

Shop Sleep Bags at Lilattoosh Baby

Honest Diapers

Say hi to the cutest prints that change with the seasons (and holidays too!).  I switched over from Pampers to Honest when I had my 3rd baby.  I actually liked Pampers quality and fit but couldn’t bear to see another Elmo again.  I was OVER  IT!  I was looking for the whole package: cuteness, durability and protection.  This was it! And even better, they have an app that makes ordering easy, gives a discount with a subscription and it’s a no-

hassle cancel if you decide you’re over it (or when your babe is potty trained and they are over it).


 I am a Bibs fan. Tried and true fan!  I have tried all different brands with every single baby.  And Bibs has been the brand that most babies love!  They have a natural shape, just like the mothers nipple.  I get customers, friends and family calling me all the time with a new baby crying for help! My baby won’t take the paci and won’t stop crying! After trying Bibs, most often, it’s a winner! Happy baby, happy Mommy!  And best part, they have every shade of every color to match every cute outfit you have for your babe!

Posh Peanut Baby Swaddles

Have you ever tried swaddling a baby? It definitely takes many tries until you finally get it right and baby doesn’t break out of it.  Most swaddles aren’t the right shape, the right size, the right fabrics.  Posh Peanut swaddles are just right!! With a bit of spandex in them and just the right size, they wrap baby easily and to perfection.  I love to wrap baby and tie a knot at the bottom, making it smooth under the baby but tight enough to keep baby wrapped.

Motorola Baby Monitor

Finally found the perfect monitor!  Finally a monitor that has a physical monitor AND an app to see baby on your phone through wifi.  I have tried both types and before this one, preferred the physical monitor because I didn’t like that I couldn’t use my phone if I wanted to see the baby.  Or, if my nanny came, she had to use download the app, my husband had to download the app and everyone else who came to watch the baby.  How annoying is that?!?! This gives me the option to use both while at home, as well as if I am out and about and want to check in on baby while he’s sleeping.  A perfect combo!  Has tons of other functions, including room temperature, music, photos, videos, microphone and so much more.

Munchkin Diaper Pale

Another product that I have tried every brand out there.  This is the BEST! I always looked for the ‘best looking’ because it ends up being part of the decor of the nursery.  But, finally, I got the Munchkin and while it’s nothing special looks-wise, it most definitely blends in and doesn’t ruin the look I have going in the nursery.  Super easy to use, the bags hold a weeks worth of diapers and there is absolutely no smell that leaks out.  You can purchase the generic bags, but since I have had luck with the Munchkin bags, not ripping or smelling, I continued to use them.

Best Baby Teether

Think you have tons of time before baby is crying uncontrollably because they are teething? What no one tells you about is that most babies start teething around 2 months, even though most babes don’t actually cut their first tooth until 6 months or later.  This baby teether is a rattle and a teether in one! Lightweight and easy for young babies to hold, they love the sound and the silicone calms their teething woes.  Secret is out!
This list is just a small insight on some of the best baby products on the market right now.  Of course, there are so many more but this is a great start to begin your registry, especially since so much is now done online and not in the store with a consultant.
If you are looking for more help with your Baby Registry, feel free to follow us on Instagram, send me a DM or shoot me an email.
Good luck & HAPPY SHOPPING, Mommy!


BIBS – Best Pacifiers of 2020

bibs matching outfits

The beginning of 2020 and we’re back on the paci talk.  Which is best for your babe?  Which type will my new baby take to?  What size?  What color?  So many questions… so little time!

Bibs pacifiers have really taken over (the world!).  Mama’s from all over the world have seen big success with this natural and high-quality brand.

First, let’s get back to the basics!

Bibs comes in three sizes.  The recommended size chart for bibs is Size 1 is for babies 0-6 months,  Size 2 for babies 6-18 months and Size 3 for babies 18 -36 months.

Bibs have their basic colors (and most popular), such as Iron, Sage, Baby Pink, and White.  Every season, they come out with their seasonal colors, such as Wine, Petrol and Coral.  Sometimes these seasonal colors stick around and sometimes not.  New to the Bibs family though, are glow in the dark pacifiers.  FINALLY!!!  Gone are the days when it’s 3am and you’re fishing around your babe’s crib in the dark looking for his paci and he’s screaming on the top of his lungs!  Or when your little one is old enough to reach for it but can’t seem to find it in the dark.

bibs pacifier colors
bibs pacifier colors


Bibs pacifiers are most similar to a mother’s breast, which gives an added bonus for babies who are breast feeding.  They take to it easily and mama can relax and have a peaceful baby.

Whichever color or size you choose, you can not go wrong with choosing Bibs pacifier’s for your new babe.  Stock up, though!  You don’t want to be left searching for that paci when your little one is having a meltdown!  It’s a lifesaver!


Posh Peanut’s new collection plaid , animal print and seasonal floral

Posh Peanuts new collection
Posh Peanuts new collection
Posh Peanuts new collection

Posh Peanut’s new arrivals 

Winter arrivals just dropped at Lilattoosh Baby and they are all must-haves of the season!  With gorgeous seasonal florals, horses and plaid for the holiday season, you will be sure to find something to your liking (if not all of them!).  They are some of our faves!


[su_button url=”https://www.lilattoosh.com/brand/posh-peanut/” background=”#781929″ size=”7″ radius=”0″]Shop Posh Peanut new arrivals[/su_button]


Posh Peanut’s Plaid collection perfect fit for the holiday season 

The Noah Plaid is so super cute and a must-have for your whole family!  Add a matching head wrap and your lil babe is all set.  Perfect for that Christmas morning photo opt or up on the mountains in the ski lodge, your babes will be styled to perfection and winter ready!

posh peanut plaid collection
posh peanut plaid collection

Posh Peanut’s animal print 

One of the hottest prints of the year, don’t miss out on Posh Peanut’s Lana Leopard lounge wear, zippered footie’s and matching head wrap.  Used as separates or as a matching outfit, your babe will be styled to perfection.

posh peanuts animal print collection
posh peanuts animal print collection

Posh Peanut’s winter Seasonal floral collection 

The Winter Floral collection by Posh Peanut is a must-have this holiday season!  The colors are outstanding and the palettes chosen were a unique blend.  There is the Gracie floral that has wine and light pink with a dash of green leaves throughout.  Another popular Winter Floral has been the Gracie.  With super neutral tones with a hint of blues and greens, it makes a soothing and beautiful print.  Our fave of the season is the Zoey.  Black with touches of burgundy, pink and deep purple, this is a show stopper!  Check out our free personal shopper 

[su_image_carousel source=”media: 9914,9917,9918,9906,9905,9900,9894,9889,9882,9884,9886,9880,9870″ max_width=”300px” autoplay=”2″ image_size=”thumbnail”]

Ryan & Rose cutie PAT VS Bibs pacifier

bibs matching outfits

What do we like about Ryan and Rose cutie PAT  pacifier ?

Ryan & Rose Cutie Pats have been a game changer in the pacifier industry.  They are all one piece, leaving no room for mildew to grow underneath the nipple, like a typical pacifier.  Another unique trait?  PAT.  Pacifier and Teether!  The Cutie Pat’s are a traditional pacifier on one side and a teether on the ring side.  And what babe doesn’t use their paci as a chew toy?
[su_button url=’https://www.lilattoosh.com/brand/ryan-and-rose/’ background=’#cd2def’ size=7 radius=0]Shop all Cutie PAT[/su_button]

What do we love about Bibs pacifier ?

Bibs are our most popular pacifier.  It’s very similar to a mother’s nipple, so a breast-fed and bottle fed babe will take to it easily.  It’s lightweight and the round, plastic handle is small enough not to bother their tiny faces.   With their classic and timeless design, but modern colors, mamas everywhere love this pacifier choice!
[su_button url=’https://www.lilattoosh.com/brand/bibs/’ background=’#2defd2′ size=7 radius=0]Shop all Bibs [/su_button] How to choose between Cutie PAT and Bibs pacifier  Our suggestion, try both!  Every babe takes to something different.  If you begin when they are in the hospital, whether breast-fed or bottle fed, most babies will take some type of paci immediately.  Each have their pros and cons, like any item on the market, but each have a unique and stylish design that will stand out and be a cute accessory for your new babe.  

Which brand has more trendy and cute colors 

Each brand has a unique look and continuously come out with new and trendy colors of the season.  


Ryan & Rose Cutie Pat’s and Bibs are both super trendy and valuable pacifiers.  They may not be supermarket cheap, but both brands are unique and have great reason to splurge on this every day accessory and necessity.  Depending on your style and babe’s wants and needs is the best way to choose which style and brand works best.    

A Superstar’s Secret to Finding the Best Baby Clothing- New Feature

baby clothing help

baby clothing help

Mama, you’re killing it! It can be exhausting raising little ones while working and trying to maintain a personal life. But you do it all with charm and grace. 

You deserve to be treated like a superstar. We’re talking pampering. Massages and fruity cocktails served by the pool. That’s why we developed our free personal shopping service especially for you. 

At Lilattoosh Baby, we’re always scouring the globe for the snuggliest and cutest baby clothing and accessories. But we’re not just an online baby boutique. We’re here to make life easier for modern mamas. 

Shopping for a baby gift or something for your own babe? Let us take over so you can spend more time with your little one. (Or poolside with a Piña Colada — we’re not judging!)

Here’s why you should give our personal shopping service a try the next time you need baby clothing. 

help with baby gift

Save Time

Busy mamas know there’s never enough time to fit it all in. But your babe is growing fast and needs some bigger clothes. 

The last thing you should have to do once your little one finally falls asleep is head to the mall. Ugh. The crowds. Bad lighting. And why does the whole place smell like pretzels?

Instead, let our expert personal shopper do the heavy lifting! Answer a few quick questions and she’ll select the perfect items for your babe. You already know we have the softest and most adorable baby clothing and accessories around. So you can relax because you and your babe are getting the best. 

 personal baby clothing

Find a Superb Baby Gift

Maybe you’re not shopping for your own babe. Or maybe you’re not even a mama and have no clue where to start when it comes to baby clothing. That’s ok! We’ve all been there…

Here’s where our personal shopper comes to the rescue. After you tell us a little bit about the babe in need, she’ll make some baby gift recommendations. Buy only what you like and we take care of the rest. 

We can ship directly to the mama-to-be and will even include a personalized gift message. And don’t worry! If for any reason mama doesn’t love the gift, she can easily return it for store credit and pick out something new.

need help with shower gift

How Does It Work?

It’s so easy to use our personal shopping service you’ll wish every online boutique had one (We sure do!)

First, you’ll need to take our quick 2-minute personal shopping quiz. We’ll ask you about the babe your shopping for. 

  • Do you need a gift or is it for your own babe? 
  • Are you shopping for clothing, accessories or both?
  • How old is the babe? 
  • Do they have any favorite colors? 
  • Is this for a special occasion?
  • What’s your shopping budget?

personal shopper for baby

After that, you’ll fill in some contact info and voilà — you’re done! Your personal shopper will be in touch via email or Whatsapp within 2 business days. Once you receive your personal recommendations you can choose to buy as much or as little as you like. There’s no minimum purchase required. 

And the best part about our personal shopping service? It’s totally, 100%, no strings attached FREE! 

Want free shipping too? Spend at least $55 and you’ll get free shipping in the U.S. Spend $150 and get free shipping worldwide. If for any reason you don’t love your order, we accept returns within 14 days of receipt. Learn more about our return policy. 

So, what are you waiting for? Leave the shopping to us. Enjoy more snuggle time with your babe or treat yourself to a poolside massage.

Get started with our personal shopper right now!


Modern Baby Clothing for Fashionable Mamas

fashionable baby clothes

fashionable baby clothes

Are you a fashionable mama always searching for the latest trends and Modern Baby Products? Look no further!

Our selection of modern baby clothing makes shopping easy. We only stock the latest styles and softest fabrics. You’ll find cute, on-trend options for all the little ones in your life.

Here are some of our favorite fashionable modern baby clothing styles. 

Graphic Bodysuits — Modern Baby Clothing 101

Newborn Designer Clothing
Newborn Designer Clothing

Got something to say? Let your little one say it in an adorable graphic onesie. Smart and spunky onesies are very on-trend these days. Whether you’re shooting a pic for Instagram or taking your babe on a play date, a sassy bodysuit will get you all the “likes.”

For baby girls, we love this Graphic Bodysuit in Superhero Princess. It never hurts to remind the world that “not all girls are princesses some are superheroes.” Modern baby clothing is empowering to women and girls. Let everyone know she may be precious, but she’ll kick butt one day too!

A great graphic bodysuit for boys is this one in Be Kind. Teach your little man to “dream big, be brave and stay kind” right from the start. 

Don’t need to make such an inspiring statement? We have cute graphic onesies that proclaim to the world your little one’s got great taste. Just because she’s still drinking milk, doesn’t mean Pizza or Tacos aren’t her jam. She’ll be hitting up the salsa bar before you know it. 

Girls Designer Clothes

Girls Designer Clothes
Girls Designer Clothes

When it comes to modern baby clothing there are tons of options out there for girls designer clothes. Gone are the days of boring pink bows. You’ll find so many cute choices — you’ll start to wish they came in mama size! Here are a few of our favorites.

This Leopard Tulle Dress is made to impress. If your baby girl has a formal occasion or photo shoot coming up, she’ll look radiant in this dress. Always fashionable leopard print pairs with black tulle for a classy and sophisticated look. 

Take the guesswork out of dressing your little girl and grab this 3-piece Apples Playette Outfit. We love these matching sets for those days when dad is on his own dressing your babe. Coordinating apple printed leggings and headband make accessorizing a breeze. The cute peplum top, adds some fashionable flair to this baby girl outfit.

For staying in, your little girl will love this Gracie Floral Loungewear Set. It’s made from super soft bamboo and features an adorable floral print. She’ll look so cute, you won’t even care that she’s still in her PJs at noon!

Boys Designer Clothes

boys designer clothes
boys designer clothes

Modern baby clothes for boys don’t look all that different than the girls’. A lot of baby clothing trends these days feature gender-neutral designs. Don’t be afraid to dress your little one in anything that you love. Forget whether it’s labeled boy or girl. Listen to your heart.

We love this Yin Yang Panda Jogger Set. Your little one will melt hearts in the panda print leggings and graphic top. This matching set turns your babe into a cuddly little panda bear.

Designer Clothes for Children

Do you ever feel like you’re living in a 3-ring circus? Lean into it with this Rocco Elephant Loungewear Set. Your animal-loving little one will adore the bold elephant print on these PJs. This set is made from buttery soft bamboo — perfect for snuggles!

Don’t stress about staying on top of modern baby clothing trends — we got you! At Lilattoosh Baby we focus on designer baby clothes so you can spend more time with your little ones. Every time you shop with us, you know you’re getting the latest styles. 

Grab your favorite outfits from this list before they’re gone!

6 Baby Shower Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

shopping for a baby
shopping for a baby
shopping for a baby

Baby fever is real. And there’s no antidote in sight.  

Does it seem like all your friends are getting pregnant at the same time? Your fridge is so covered in baby shower invites, it’s hard to get to the food! Of course, you’re thrilled for your loved ones. But all these impending bundles of joy are starting to add up. 

Looking for some inexpensive baby shower gifts? Read on for 6 ideas that will make new mamas smile. (And not max out your credit card!)

Diapers — Everyone’s Favorite Baby Shower Gift

It’s true! You’ll never have too many diapers. If you’ve spent much time with newborns — you know they go through diapers like crazy. The cost of disposable diapers adds up and can become a big pain for new parents.

While diapers will never be the most glamours baby shower gift, you can package them cutely and creatively. Fire up Google and search “How To Make A Diaper Cake.” You’ll find tons of ideas for adorable displays.

Pacifiers & Teethers

best baby Teethers
best baby Teethers

These little guys are a mama’s best friend and a great budget option when shopping for a baby shower gift. You’ll find tons of cute teethers and pacifiers on the market. Be sure to look for ones that are non-toxic and BPA free. Collect a few and put together an inexpensive, matching baby shower gift.

This Cutie PAT Round is a two-in-one teether and pacifier. It’s easy for babies to grip and helps them self-soothe. Another stylish choice is this Bunny Teether. Do new parents a favor and gift them a pacifier clip too. The Gentry Cutie Clip attaches right to baby’s clothes. Stop the endless cycle of dropped pacifiers and crying babes with this thoughtful gift.

Babysitting (When Shopping for a Baby Gift Isn’t in the Budget)

This might be one of the most valuable gifts you can give a new mama. And it costs you nada! Offer your babysitting services to the mama-to-be. You can make a cute gift certificate or write it on the card. Watch the little one while mama runs errands or treats herself to a bit of pampering.

Not comfortable babysitting? Schedule a time to bring dinner over for the new parents a few weeks after the baby arrives. You’ll be a superhero.

Smart Onesies

baby shower gift under $15
baby shower gift under $15

A bold, graphic onesie can really hit the spot! You don’t need to pile on the gifts if you’ve got a great onesie that packs a punch. Find a onesie or bodysuit that says something special. It could be an inside joke or a sweet message.

The Crib Hair Don’t Care bodysuit makes a hilarious statement about both mama and babe. If you’re looking for something more inspirational we love this graphic bodysuit in Be Kind.


Books are an easy and cheap baby shower gift idea. You don’t have to worry about how they’ll fit. They’re classic, never go out of style and the little one won’t outgrow them in a month. Choose a few of your favorites from childhood. Or select some with similar themes — think animals, fairy tales, etc…

Swaddle Blankets

Like diapers, you can never have too many swaddles. These blankets have tons of uses and easily become soiled. This bamboo Uni Sushi Print Swaddle Blanket is too cute for words.  A more neutral option is this Bamboo Swaddle in Moss. Look for blankets made from bamboo or organic cotton. These healthy fabrics help to regulate the baby’s temperature.

Remember you don’t need to buy your cousin that $450 stroller to show her you care. A simple and thoughtful gift will make her feel loved. Set a budget when shopping for a baby shower gift and stick to it.

Kyte Baby – Why We Love This Baby Clothing Brand

Kyte baby sleep bag
Kyte baby sleep bag

It’s time for another blog post about one of our favorite baby clothing brands!

Kyte Baby has everything modern mamas are looking for when shopping for their babes. Their bamboo baby clothing is soft, fashionable and sustainably made. You can’t go wrong with Kyte Baby. 

Meet Kyte Baby

Kyte baby footie
Kyte baby footie

Kyte Baby is a family-run baby clothing brand. It was founded in 2014 when mama, Ying Liu was struggling to find pajamas for her little one. Her daughter suffered from eczema and would pull off her PJs at night. She would get itchy and had trouble sleeping through the night.

Like all good mamas, Ying buckled down and did her research. She learned fabric made from bamboo was softer and more breathable than cotton. It would keep her babe’s skin cool while sleeping. Once she made the switch to bamboo PJs, her little one slept much better.

Another reason Ying fell in love with bamboo is that it’s one of the most sustainable fabrics. Bamboo requires less water and time than cotton to grow. It uses almost no pesticides — making bamboo the ideal choice for baby clothing.  

Ying wanted to make it easier for other mamas to find great baby clothes. So using a family connection, she began manufacturing her own line of baby clothing. Today she is involved in every step of the process from sourcing to design. 

Lilattoosh Baby Loves Kyte Baby

Kyte baby product
Kyte baby product

When we first decided to open an online baby boutique. We only wanted to carry baby clothing brands we knew and trusted. Kyte Baby was one of the first brands we stocked.

Snuggly and sustainable all their bamboo baby clothing and accessories meet our high standards. Plus they offer some of the cutest options out there! 

Lilattoosh Baby loves bamboo baby clothing. (Say that 5 times fast!) It’s sustainable, soft and a great choice for your babe. It grows quickly with few pesticides. Bamboo rayon will keep your little one cooler than cotton. Want to learn more about why we love bamboo baby products? Check out this blog post for the 411 on bamboo. 

No products found

Kyte Baby is also dedicated to producing products that are safe for your babe. All their pajamas and sleep bags are designed with safety and comfort in mind. The breathable bamboo fabric keeps your little one from overheating. Their sleep bags feature a curved zipper. This keeps your babe more comfortable and allows him (and you!) to sleep longer without waking. The zipper opens from the top and bottom — so those groggy, late-night diaper changes happen in a flash. 

Our Favorite Kyte Baby Products

Kyte baby, baby clothing
Kyte baby, baby clothing

Looking for neutral baby clothes? Kyte Baby has some of the best simple and beautiful designs. This Baby Bundler in Moss is a stunning shade of grey. Perfect for girls or boys. It will keep those precious little toes from catching a chill. 

If you want a pop of color — Kyte Baby delivers. Rich and vibrant color makes your little one shine like a star. We love this Bamboo Zippered Footie in Emerald. It’s beautiful and practical. The zipper from neck to foot makes diaper changes fuss-free. The bold, deep green looks great on babes of all skin tones.  

Adorable and thoughtful prints are another way that Kyte Baby knocks it out of the park. All their printed baby clothing is designed to teach your little one about our planet. Each print consists of 3 animals or plants that all live in the same environment. Like the Printed Romper in Forest. It features cute bunnies, hedgehogs and squirrels.

Kyte Baby’s bamboo swaddles are one of the best choices you can make for your newborn babe. They’re velvety soft and stretchy.  

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Newborn Baby Clothes to Keep Your Babe Cozy This Winter

newborn baby clothes
newborn baby clothes
newborn baby clothes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — cuddle season! The temperature outside keeps dropping and you’ve got a precious little newborn babe to snuggle with. Wintertime is one of the best seasons to spend with your babe. 

If you recently gave birth, you’re probably tempted to stay in and cuddle. (We don’t blame you!) But it’s best for you and your babe to get a little fresh air each day.

Making sure your little one doesn’t get cold can seem like a big task. It’s hard enough getting yourself all bundled up, but now you’ve got an extra sensitive little pumpkin to worry about. These newborn baby clothes will keep your little one from catching a chill — inside or out.

Newborn Baby Clothes for Winter

season newborn baby clothes

Layer it up! The key to keeping your babe cozy (and yourself from going crazy) is to dress your little one in lots of layers. We all know that winter months mean fluctuating temperatures. It may be freezing outside, but many homes and businesses are broiling this time of year. 

Dressing your babe in a few light layers can prevent a flushed, unhappy, overheated little one. Layer a bodysuit or footie underneath matching pants and a top. Add a sweater and your little bundle of joy will be cool and cozy. We love this Avocado Toast Zipper Footie. The print is to die for and looks adorable on newborn baby boys or girls. A great option for layering is this Apples Playette 3-Piece Outfit.

Newborn Baby Accessories for Cute and Cozy Babes

cute Baby Clothes

You’ll want to keep your newborn babe’s head covered this winter. Most of our body heat escapes through our head — and that’s no different for little ones. Stock up on a few different newborn baby hats and you’ll have plenty of stylish options for every outfit. 

To keep your babe warm and extra-precious check out this Newborn Cotton Beanie with Pom Pom. The soft stretchy cotton prevents your babe’s head from catching a draft — while also looking sassy and adorable. For a more neutral option scoop up this Blue Denim Infant Beanie and your newborn will stay toasty while looking fresh to death!

Mittens are another must-have baby accessory. They’ll keep those little fingers from getting too cold. If temperatures drop below freezing be sure to put some mittens on your babe before heading out. Like baby socks, mittens tend to go AWOL. Keep an extra pair or two in your diaper bag and you’ll always have your babe’s hands covered.

Sleepy Time

best baby sleep bag

Keeping your babe cozy at night is important. You’ll want to make sure the room isn’t too hot. And as always, you don’t want any loose blankets in the crib. If your babe is used to swaddling — stick with that method. Swaddle blankets regulate temperature and make your babe comfortable.

A sleep bag or sleep sack can be a great choice in the winter. You won’t have to worry about your little one waking himself and coming loose from his swaddle. Sleep bags are designed to keep your babe snug and comfy all night long. Check out this blog post to learn more about the difference between swaddle blankets and sleep bags.  

Don’t Overdo It

Remember mamas, the most important thing is to not overdo it. Too many clothes or blankets will cause your babe to overheat — which can be just as dangerous as catching a chill. Layer up your little ones. Always have a hat and a few other warm baby accessories on hand. Pay attention to signs your babe is uncomfortable and take action right away. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy snuggle season!

Our Vision is to be the Best Baby Boutique in Miami

best baby boutique in Miami
best baby boutique in Miami
best baby boutique in Miami

Does this sound like your morning? Your babe just dumped a whole bowl of Cheerios on the floor. You forgot to reply to that email from your boss. The dryer is buzzing and you’re supposed to meet your BFF for coffee in 20 minutes.   

When did we all get so busy? It’s tough being a modern mama. You’re working hard to balance a career, kids and your personal life. Everyone’s striving for #worklifebalance, but is anyone actually pulling it off? 

We’ve all been there. There’s never enough time. It’s so frustrating! Every minute is precious. 

Out of this frustration, Lilattoosh Baby was born…

While shopping for our own babe, we noticed many Miami baby stores we’re lacking fine children’s clothing and accessories. We’d spend all day driving around looking for cute stuff for our little ones. We knew we could help mamas by gathering the best products all in one boutique. No more running around picking and choosing. Lilattoosh Baby is your go-to Miami baby store.

Miami Baby Stores

Sure, there are tons of places to buy baby clothes in Miami. But your babe deserves the best. 

Big box stores stock plenty of inexpensive items. But often their designs are out of date or just plain boring. Fast fashion retailers offer lots of cute options, but many of the fabrics they use can contain harmful chemicals.

You wouldn’t feed your little one McDonald’s french fries. So don’t dress them in fast fashion. Check out this blog post to learn more about why natural and organic clothes are best for your babe.

We knew Miami Mamas deserved better and set out to create the best baby boutique in Miami.

Snuggly, organic cotton footies, swaddles and onesies. Safe, chemical-free teethers and pacifiers. Too-cute-for-words accessories. Plus the latest designer children’s clothes — all under one roof. We had a vision and now it’s come to life. 

Meet Lilattoosh Baby — the Best Baby Boutique in Miami

 Miami baby stores
Miami baby stores

Lilattoosh Baby is your one-stop-shop for adorable, high-quality baby products. By providing all the best stuff in one place — we’ll save you time. Stop running around town visiting multiple stores. Start spending more time with your family. 

When you shop at Lilattoosh Baby you know you’re getting first-rate baby products.  We’re always searching the globe for the cutest and softest baby clothes and accessories. We know natural baby clothes are best and help to make sure your babe grows up happy and healthy. 

We live for adorable outfits made from organic and sustainable fabrics. You

don’t have to worry about where the items have come from or what they’re made out of. Every product we stock is something we’d give to our own children. This commitment to quality is what sets us apart from other Miami baby stores.

Celebrate Every Moment

So you’ve got chores piling up. Work duties nagging at your brain. And social commitments to keep. Then your little one manages to scatter cereal all over your kitchen floor. 

It’s easy to get flustered. Instead, stop and take a deep breath. Your babe has the sweetest, most devilish look on his face, doesn’t he? Appreciate this crazy moment for his smile. The rest of the world can wait… 

At Lilattoosh Baby our mission is to help mama’s and their babes celebrate every moment together. Even the sticky ones. We save you time and lessen stress by stocking exceptional baby clothes and accessories. Now you can spend more time enjoying life’s unexpected moments with your babe. 

Come to Lillattoosh Baby the next time you need a gift for the little one in your life. You can relax knowing you’ll be giving that babe the very best.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Mommy and Me Fashion

mommy and me matching
mommy and me matching
mommy and me matching

Was that an earthquake? No. Just another killer Instagram post from Beyoncé. With over 130 million followers she can start a trend in seconds. If you’re one of those millions you know the Queen Bee loves dressing in matching clothes with her daughter Blue Ivy. In fact, Blue and Bey practically started the Mommy and Me trend. 

Mommy and Me style is all about matching mamas and babes. Show off how cute your little one is and take some memorable photos in your coordinating outfits. 

mom and baby matching
mom and baby matching

But what about normal, non-popstar mamas? Matching Gucci and Balmain dresses are out of reach. Not everyone can afford premium designer clothes for children. And just because a superstar can pull off a trend, doesn’t mean you can.

We love Mommy and Me style. But before buying a closet full of matching paisley print dresses — think about why you and your mini-me are embracing the trend.

When Did Mommy and Me Style Get Cool?

matching mom and baby

Remember when you were growing up? Back in the 80s and 90s. Chances are you would’ve hated wearing matching outfits with your mother. You’d rather drink Diet Crystal Pepsi than let your friends see you and your mama dressed in the same clothes.

So what’s changed?

The options have gotten way better. Back in the day, it was all floral print Laura Ashley dresses that made your mom look like a sofa. Today your favorite brands make designer clothes for children. So instead of dressing like a little girl, you can dress your little girl like her stylish mama. (That’s you!)

Little girls these days are much more into fashion. Your little one is already picking out her clothes based on what you’re wearing. If you’re in stripes, I bet your baby girl is donning stripes as well. It proves that fashionable mamas have fashionable babes!

Mini-Me Dressing Gone Wrong

There are lots of adorable and kid-friendly ways to embrace the Mommy and Me trend. But steer clear of anything that makes your daughter look older than she is.

You don’t want to simply buy smaller versions of your clothes. A three-year-old does not need a mini bandage dress, right? Make sure any Mommy and Me styles you buy are appropriate for your little one. Some of the more trendy girls designer clothes skew too old.  She grows up fast enough. Don’t rush the process by dressing her like someone twice her age.

On the other hand, you want to make sure any Mommy and Me outfits you buy for yourself aren’t too childlike. Mamas don’t need to dress like little girls. Too many ruffles and bows can make you look immature. You want your daughter to see you as a strong and powerful woman.

Mommy and Me Done Right

We love the Mommy and Me style that flatters both mama and babe. Look for clothes that match but aren’t carbon copies of each other. The same print used in different ways can make both you and your daughter look amazing. She’ll look sweet and precious, you’ll look like a cool and casual modern mama. 

Make sure your daughter is the one initiating Mommy and Me style. If she’s always in your closet trying on your clothes, this is a good sign she’d love to match with you. Forcing little ones to wear clothes they hate is not worth the battle.

Be like Beyoncé

If your daughter seems up for it, go ahead and give Mommy and Me fashion a try!

Just be careful not to stifle your little girl’s style or creativity. You would’ve hated your mother for that. Let her decide when to dress in matching outfits. 

Lots of girls designer clothing brands out there are doing it right. Be sure to shop around and find the perfect Mommy and Me outfit for you and your little girl. 


Awesome Baby Registry Items New Mama’s Swear By

newborn baby clothes
newborn baby clothes
newborn baby clothes

Congratulations, mama! 

This is such a special time. As you eagerly await the arrival of your little one, enjoy every moment. Your life will forever be changed once your babe enters the world.

One way you can start preparing for mama life is to complete your baby registry. A baby registry makes things easier for those who want to pamper you with gifts. Not having an official baby shower? Your friends and family will still want to send well-wishes in the form of presents. 

Don’t leave the shopping up to your loved ones. Put together a wishlist for your babe. This way you won’t end up with duplicate items or things you’d never buy in the first place. Here are some must-have baby registry items. 

Big Ticket Stuff

Not everyone can afford grand baby shower gifts, but it’s always a good idea to include them on your registry. A few of your friends could chip in and split the cost of a more expensive gift.

If this is your first babe you’re going to need a car seat and stroller. Your babe’s room will need a crib or bassinet and dresser. A cozy rocking chair will make late-night feedings easier on you. Modern mamas love baby swings. When you need a few minutes to yourself but your babe wants to be rocked, put him in a swing and let him fall asleep. 

Bath Time Supplies

Bath time is a special bonding time for you and your babe. Giggles and splashing are guaranteed. Add a baby bathtub to your registry along with shampoo and baby body products. Don’t forget towels, washcloths and a few adorable bath toys. 

Bedding & Blankets

You’ll love spending time with your babe — and you’ll love it just as much when he’s sleeping peacefully! A few sets of fitted crib sheets will make life easier when your babe wakes up from a diaper disaster. 

You can never have too many swaddle blankets. Keep one in each room of the house so your little one never gets chilly. Swaddles are easy to wash and can be used as a burp cloth or nursing cover too. 


You can never have too many diapers. Newborns go through 12 — 15 diapers per day. If you’re using eco-friendly cloth diapers — get as many as you can. Trust us, you don’t want to run out!

Disposable diapers make great baby registry items because you know you’ll use them. Don’t forget to add baby wipes, diaper cream and a diaper pail to your registry too. 

Newborn Baby Clothes

Now we’re getting to the fun stuff! Picking out tiny clothes for your future babe is the best part of setting up a baby registry. 

Grab some adorable bodysuits. They’re perfect for all seasons. You can add leggings or hats if it gets chilly. A footie will keep your babe’s sweet toes warm and cozy. We love this footie with foldable mittens, to prevent your little one from scratching. 

Some more must-have newborn baby clothes are socks, bibs, leggings, pajamas and sweaters. 

Adorable Accessories

baby registries
baby registries

Baby accessories are precious and practical. You’ll want some soft and stretchy beanies to keep your babe’s head warm. A beautiful baby girl would look extra sweet with a bow headband.  And the hero of every mama’s journey — a pacifier. Make sure to add a few pacifiers and teethers to your registry, you’ll be thankful to have plenty around.

Excited to get started with your baby registry? Check out our wishlist feature. You can add any of our baby products to your list. Just click the heart on the product page. Happy shopping! 



5 Fall Baby Designer Clothing Trends You Need To Know About

baby clothing, boy latest collection
baby clothing, boy latest collection
baby clothing, boy latest collection

The dog days of summer are here. It may be hard to believe but autumn weather is right around the corner. Cool breezes and crisp leaves are only a few weeks away. Before you know it football will dominate the TV. And your kitchen will be drowning in pumpkin spice flavored everything.

You don’t want a sudden change in the weather to catch you unprepared. Before you wave goodbye to summer, it’s time to stock up on fall baby clothing.

We love cozy fall clothes for both mamas and their babes. Snuggle up with some hot cider and your little ones. Here are some of the trends we’re seeing in baby clothing brands for fall.

baby clothing girl latest collection

Jewel Tones

Baby clothing trends tend to follow what’s happening in the adult world. Jewel tones will be a big hit for both mamas and babes this fall. We love bold, rich colors. Jewel tones are the best way to incorporate them into your little one’s wardrobe. Look for deep emerald green, bright blue sapphire, rich ruby red and royal purple pieces.

This Bamboo Emerald Footie is perfect for boys and girls. The beautiful green color will flatter all skin tones. Made from buttery-soft bamboo fabric, this footie is ideal for September snuggles. 

From the boy’s latest collection we love this Panda Graphic Tee. Your little panda bear will look too cute in this teal top with a panda face.

Sustainable Fabrics

Sustainable is the wave of the future. Everywhere you look, the focus is on making eco-friendly products more available. This fall we’re seeing more organic cotton, bamboo and modal rayon fabrics than ever before.

The good news is these sustainable options are soft and snuggly too! You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to do your part to save the planet. Natural baby clothes are better for your little one as well. Check out this blog post to learn more about why your babe should be wearing natural clothing. 

Graphic Sets

tie dye baby clothing
tie dye baby clothing

Graphic onesies and two-piece sets never go out of style. As part of the girl’s latest collection for fall, we’re obsessed with this Leopard Cat Set. You’ve got your jewel tones and some animal print all wrapped up into one adorable outfit. We love that the leggings coordinate, but aren’t a perfect match to the top. So you can swap them out in other outfits too. 

From the boy’s latest collection, check out this Two-Piece Separates set in Aspen. The woodsy green colors are perfect for pumpkin patch outings and apple picking. 

Lots of Layers


When you’re moving between season layers are always the best bet. Sleeveless bodysuits work for both warm and cool weather. Add some leggings and a sweater when the morning is cold. Easily remove them in when the afternoon warms up.

Keep a soft and stretchy beanie with you. You can always pop it on your little one’s head if you’re worried about the temperature. Check out these adorable Pom Pom Beanies. They add a flair of sass to any babe’s outfit. Keep some socks and mittens in your diaper bag at all times. 

Animal Print


animal print baby clothing

Grrrr… Let your babe’s inner animal out of its cage! 

We’re living for this trend. We’ve been seeing a lot of animal print in the girl’s latest collection for fall. Normally reserved for grown women, little babes look so cute in a feisty animal print. This matching Two Piece Outfit is appropriately called Wild Child. Let your babe roam and play like a cheetah cub.  

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Shop now and pick up the latest baby clothing trends for fall. 

Goosebumps Baby — Why We Love This Baby Clothing Brand

tie dye baby clothing
tie dye baby clothing
tie dye baby clothing

Cute and snuggly are your top priorities when it comes to baby clothing. And at Lilattoosh Baby — cute and snuggly are what we live for! 

Our mission is to bring you the latest styles and softest fabrics for your little ones. We’re always searching for the crème de la crème of baby clothing. So when you shop with us you know your babe is getting the best.

We want to share with you some of our most beloved baby clothing brands. This post is the first in a series highlighting our favorite makers of modern baby products. Each article in this series will give you a closer look at the brands and we’ll tell you why we love them. 

To kick-off, we had to start with Goosebumps Baby.

Goosebumps Baby
Goosebumps Baby

Babes love ‘em. Celebrities love ‘em.  We love ‘em. And we know you’ll love Goosebumps for their cuddly fabrics and adorable prints.

Goosebumps Baby Clothes

Goosebumps Baby brand
Goosebumps Baby

Goosebumps’ motto is “comfy as your favorite t-shirt.” And they’ve nailed it. We’re talking swaddles, onesies, accessories and more. All made from a super soft material. Ironically, your little one will never get goosebumps while wearing these warm and cozy clothes. 

Goosebumps clothing is made from a blend of modal rayon and spandex. You get the perfect mix of breathable softness with the right amount of stretch. Modal fabric is durable and eco-friendly. It doesn’t pill and won’t shrink in the wash. Is there anything more frustrating than your babe not fitting into brand new clothes?

It’s easy to find soft, modern baby products. But where Goosebumps shines is their adorable prints. From animal print to tie-dye to simple polka dots and stripes. Your babe will be too cute for words in every piece.



Why We Love It?

It’s easy. Goosebumps Baby doesn’t sacrifice on style or comfort. 

Check out this adorable tie-dye romper. It checks all the boxes. Soft fabric? Yup.  Cute print and bright colors? You betcha. And a fashion-forward design. You can even grab this matching mini swaddle. This lovey attaches to pacifiers and teethers, so your babe has something soft to hold on to. (And maybe save your eardrums from a few dropped pacifier screams…)

We love the variety of tie-dye prints Goosebumps offers. Bohemian mamas will love them too. Your babe will look cute and casual and might even start to rock out to your Grateful Dead albums!

Goosebumps baby also makes swaddles, one-pieces and two-piece sets. Check out all of our favorite modern baby products from the brand. 

Why Celebs Love It

You might not realize it. But some of your favorite mommy bloggers and celebs are dressing their babes in Goosebumps. These mamas and babes get thousands of likes on their Instagram every day. Take a style cue or two from a Gram mama and dress your babe in Goosebumps.

Former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk and his wife Lauren Luyendyk love to dress their babe, Alessi in Goosebumps. A fashionista mama like Lauren can be extra picky when it comes to clothes for her babe. But she’s obsessed with Goosebump’s soft and cute styles. They’re perfect for cuddling. 

 Arie Luyendyk baby

You get double trouble with Instagram and YouTube sensations Tatum and Oakley Fisher. The twins have over 3 million followers. They’ve been ‘gramed in Goosebumps Baby’s matching two-piece sets. Or should we call them four-piece sets?

Amber Fillerup is a busy modern mama. She’s got three little ones, runs her own company and still has time for perfectly styled IG posts. She relies on Goosebumps clothes to keep her babes comfy, cozy and always ready for a photo op. 

Bring some adorable snuggles into your cuddle time with Goosebumps Baby. Shop now to get your hands on the latest styles!

Seven Adorable Baby Accessories for Newborn Photo Shoots

newborn photo shoot,
newborn photo shoot


Been dreaming about your newborn photoshoot since you discovered you were pregnant? Unless you’ve got Anne Geddes booked as the photographer, it may be up to you to collect a few different accessories for the shoot. 

Cute baby accessories can enhance newborn photos. Sure, nude sleeping babes are adorable. But you may want to cover your baby’s private areas (more on this later). Accessories can also add warmth, texture and fun to the pictures.

Your little bundle of joy is getting bigger every minute. Before you know it, he’ll be walking, talking and asking to borrow your car. Ok. Maybe it’ll be a while before he’s driving, but you get the point!

Find a local newborn photographer or take your own photos at home. Don’t forget to grab some of these adorable baby accessories and props to create photos you’ll treasure forever. 


Is there anything more precious than a tiny babe with a tiny bow headband? If you’re not sure where to start, bows are a great newborn baby accessory to get your feet wet. They slip on to your little one’s head easily and won’t leave a mark. 

best baby accessories
best baby accessories

Textured Blankets

Did grandma knit a special blanket for your babe? Or do you still have your baby blanket lying around somewhere?  A well-loved blanket adds warmth and texture to a newborn photo session. A plush faux fur throw can also be an extra cozy addition. Place your little one on top of the blanket for sweet sleepy time photos.


Can’t decide if your babe should be nude in their newborn photos? Some mamas love the au naturale look, while others prefer to keep their little ones covered. Swaddling your babe in a blanket can give you the best of both worlds. Your babe’s most sensitive parts are covered, but they still exist in a natural state. Try using a neutral swaddle to highlight your babe’s features. Or go with a printed swaddle for a fun and playful vibe.

Stuffed Animals 

Bring your babe’s favorite stuffed animal to the photo shoot. Pose the soft friend in their arms or lying by their side. Add some sweet touches like this to your photo session and you’ll get a variety of great shots.

Faux Flowers

A few well-placed flowers can elevate a newborn photo shoot. Fake flowers are ideal so they won’t irritate your little one. Also consider other nature-inspired additions like succulents, wreaths or branches.  

Seasonal Props

You could style your shoot with a pumpkin or some apples for a fall babe. A little Christmas sparkle for your December baby. Get creative! Remember less is more. Go easy with the props so you don’t distract from the main attraction — your sweet babe!


Hats make a great baby accessory for a newborn photo shoot. If your babe will be nude add a hat to keep them warm and stylish. We love this Newborn Cotton Beanie with Pom Pom. The plush pom pom pops on camera. These knot turbans will melt your heart. Kind of a mix between a bow and a hat. The soft and stretchy material will be comfy on your babe’s head.


Bloomers are a great way to cover your babe’s bottom. Your little one may thank you one day for not taking baby photos of him in the nude. Dress your babe in only a pair of bloomers and lay him on his tummy. You’ll get a peek at that precious baby skin without revealing too much. 

Whether you’re heading to a pro for your newborn session or DIY-ing it at home, don’t forget to add a few accessories. You’ll treasure these memories forever. Take your time and make sure you get exactly the photos you want.

Shop our baby accessories and find your perfect look!


7 Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Gifts New Mamas Will Love

baby shower gift
baby shower gift
baby shower gift

Boy or girl? Blue or pink? We’ve all been there. 

You need a baby shower gift but you don’t know the baby’s gender. What do you do?

You can ask the mama. Some mamas-to-be get sick of this question real fast. Many parents choose not to learn the sex of their babe before birth. There aren’t a lot of surprises left in the world, so why not enjoy this one.

Did mama already tell you the gender, but you can’t remember? This happens to us all, don’t stress.

Or maybe the parents have chosen not to reveal their babe’s gender. The social concept of gender is changing rapidly. Many no longer see gender as binary. 

Whatever the reason, you’re shopping for a baby and need a gender-neutral gift. Here are some awesome options. Don’t settle for yellow ducks. There are plenty of adorable gender-neutral baby gifts out there.


Every mama will tell you, you can never have too many swaddle blankets. Make mama’s life easier by gifting her a few swaddles. She’ll always have one within arm’s reach. If you don’t know the babe’s gender, go for a neutral color like white or grey. A cute unisex print like this sweet Stars and Moons Swaddle would be a hit too. 


shopping for a baby
shopping for a baby

Teethers make a great baby shower gift. Most are gender-neutral and so cute! Babies start teething around 6 months, so chances are a new mama won’t already have too many teethers. We love this bunny crinkle teether. It’s soft and easy to clean. And it’s sweet crinkle sound is guaranteed to make little ones smile. 


Do you remember some of your favorite children’s books? Great books teach children about life and help shape their views of the world.  A cool baby shower gift idea is to package some of your favorite books together. You can even write a sweet inscription on the first pages. Children’s books aren’t going out of style anytime soon. Even if the little one is too young for them right now, mama will appreciate the sweet gift.

Pacifier & Pacifier Clip

Ah, the pacifier. A not so glamorous but total baby necessity. Love them or hate them, chances are good new mamas will find this baby gift very useful. For a cute custom baby gift, give mama a few matching pacifiers and pacifier clips. She’ll appreciate having multiples every time her babe starts to fuss.


“I have too many diapers” — said no one. Ever.

Why are diapers so expensive? The world may never know. Be a hero to new parents by gifting them an obnoxious amount of diapers. Make a diaper cake and bring them a big ol’ pile of diapers. Or consider gifting a diaper subscription service. Save new parents from those late-night diaper runs.

Sassy Bodysuit

When shopping for a baby onesie you don’t have to decide between butterflies and fire trucks. There are tons of gender-neutral bodysuits available. Gift a sassy onesie. That babe will be able to voice their opinion long before they start to talk. We love this “You Had Me at Tacos” bodysuit. Perfect for a mama who loves guac!

Classic Toys

A stuffed animal that’s been famous for decades. Or a wooden rocker that never goes out of style. Gender-neutral toys are usually the best looking ones with a classic design. Leave the pink princesses and blue sharks on the shelf and pick up a grey elephant instead. Toys in neutral shades will look awesome in any nursery color scheme. 

You can’t go wrong with a gender-neutral baby gift. Don’t wait until the mama reveals her baby-to-be’s gender, start shopping now!


What is The Best Way to Swaddle Your Baby: Blanket VS. Sleep Bag

swaddle blanket
swaddle blanket
swaddle blanket

To swaddle or not to swaddle? That is the question…

Becoming a parent for the first time is a never-ending stream of decisions. Should you breast or bottle-feed? Should you decorate the nursery with pandas or koalas? Should you use a swaddle blanket or a sleep bag? 

Read on to learn more about swaddling and how to keep your little bundle of joy securely bundled…

Baby Swaddling 101

Mamas have been swaddling their babes for centuries. Babies can startle themselves awake. This is known as the Moro reflex and it’s completely normal. By swaddling your little one’s arms, you can prevent them from fully waking up. A nice snug swaddle helps your babe self-soothe and fall back asleep.

Swaddling helps babies feel safe and cozy — just like they’re back in mama’s belly. Swaddling will comfort a fussy baby and help her fall asleep. It’s kind of like giving your babe a big hug while she sleeps. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Experts recommend swaddling your babe from day one. This will help you and your little one sleep better. The longer you wait to start swaddling the hard it may be to get her used to it.?

A swaddle blanket is a soft, thin blanket designed to wrap up your babe like a burrito. A swaddle blanket can help your babe fall asleep and stay asleep. She won’t be able to wake herself by reflexively moving her arms.

With swaddle blankets, you must be careful not to swaddle your babe too tightly. She should be snug, but still able to wiggle her legs. If you are co-sleeping with your little one, experts recommend not swaddling. She may overheat from the combination of the blanket and your own bedsheets.

What Is a Sleep Bag?

sleep bag
sleep bag

A sleep bag or sleep sack is a wearable blanket. Snaps or zippers ensure a snug fit for your babe. Some sleep bags have holes for your little one’s arms. Sleep bags are great for babes who repeatedly resist swaddling. 

Sleep bags are easier on mamas too. No need to teach everyone who watches your babe how to swaddle. Sleep bags are user-friendly. Sleep bags make those early morning, bleary-eyed diaper changes faster too.

kyte baby Sleep Bag
kyte baby Sleep Bag

Should Your Newborn Sleep in a Swaddle Blanket or a Sleep Bag?

Every mama has a different opinion in the swaddle blanket vs. sleep bag debate. It comes down to personal preference and what helps your babe sleep best. 

Try using a swaddle blanket at first. Once you get the hang of wrapping up your little burrito, you and your babe will sleep better. If your babe is resistant to a swaddle blanket, it may be time to try a sleep bag.

As babes get older and stronger they need a little more movement while sleeping and a sleep bag offers that. A sleep bag will still help your newborn sleep snug and cozy but allow her to move as she needs. 

Signs it’s time to transition from a swaddle blanket to a sleep sack:

  • Your babe breaks free from her swaddle frequently. She may be getting too big for the swaddle blanket and need more movement while she sleeps. 
  • Your babe rolls over. You don’t want her arms trapped if she’s able to move from her back to her stomach.
  • Your babe enjoys lots of tummy time. This means her neck and back muscles have developed and she is ready for more movement while she sleeps. 

If you’ve had trouble using a traditional swaddle blanket, it might be time to try out a sleep bag.

Every babe is different. Talk to your pediatrician about what’s best for your little one. 

Shop swaddle blankets.



Why Your Babe Needs Natural Baby Clothes?

Organic baby clothes
Natural Baby Clothes
Natural Baby Clothes

You spend so much time and energy worrying about what your babe eats. You know healthy food equals healthy, happy kids. You would never feed your little one fast food every day. 

But have you thought about how their clothes are made?

Flame retardant chemicals, bleach and pesticides — you don’t want these toxins anywhere near your precious babe. Unfortunately, these chemicals are all used when producing inexpensive fabrics.

Just like with food, you get what you pay for. When it comes to baby clothes, natural is best. You’d never let your little one eat McDonald’s french fries and chicken nuggets every day. So make sure your babe isn’t absorbing harmful toxins through their skin.

Organic Baby Clothes

What are baby clothes made of? 

Did you know cotton is one of the world’s dirtiest crops? Though cotton only accounts for 2.4% of crops grown, it uses 16% of the world’s pesticides. Yuck!

By buying organic baby clothes, you’re supporting sustainable farming practices. We all want a better world for the next generation. Choosing products that don’t harm the environment is one of the best ways you can help make the future safer for your children.

When you buy organic baby clothes you’re also ensuring your little one is safe from those cancer-causing pesticides. Pesticides aren’t the only chemicals you need to worry about. The process for turning raw cotton into a useable fabric requires some dangerous substances, like bleach.

The only way to know your babe’s clothes have not come into contact with these chemicals is to buy 100% organic clothing. Organic clothes are only a bit more expensive than conventional clothing. And when it comes to your little one’s health, they’re worth every penny.

If you aren’t able to exclusively dress your babe in organic cotton, the next best thing is to stick to natural fibers.

Organic baby clothes

Natural Baby Clothes

What are the different fabrics baby clothes are made of?

Bamboo and hemp are both sustainable fabrics that make wonderful, snuggly baby clothes.

If you can’t go with 100% organic baby clothing all the time, look for fabrics made from bamboo. 

Not just food for panda bears anymore. This plant transforms into a wonderfully soft fabric. Bamboo rayon is breathable and hypoallergenic too. It grows easily with little water, so you can feel good about buying sustainable bamboo clothes. Check out this blog post to learn more about bamboo. 

Hemp is another great choice for natural baby clothes. It’s antimicrobial and absorbent. Hemp fibers are often blended with cotton to get the perfect balance of soft, durable fabric. Plus it gets softer with every wash.

Synthetics Can Harm Your Babe’s Skin

One of the most loveable things about your babe is their soft and sweet skin. But you know it’s ultra-sensitive as well. Babes are prone to skin conditions like eczema and synthetic fibers can cause flare-ups. 

Avoid baby clothes made from polyester, acrylic or nylon fibers. These fabrics don’t allow your little one’s skin to breathe very well. They don’t wick away sweat and absorb heat the way cotton and other natural fibers do. 

Look for baby clothes with little to no synthetic fibers. Some companies add a bit of spandex to their fabric blend for stretch. 10% or less of these fibers shouldn’t affect your babe too much. But if your babe has eczema or other skin conditions stick to 100% natural fibers. 

Put down and run away from any items that contain only synthetic fibers, these are not good for your little one.

As a modern mama, you can only do your best. Skip the drive-thru baby clothes and stick to all-natural and organic options. Start your babe off on a healthy and happy foot!



What’s in Your Hospital Bag? The 5 Mama-To-Be Essentials

newborn baby stuff

Feel like you’ve been pregnant forever? Don’t fret! Your little one’s birth will be here before you know it. One of the best ways to prepare for your babe’s arrival day is to start packing your hospital bag. 

In addition to newborn baby stuff, bring items to make you and your birthing partner comfortable. A copy of your birth plan, snacks, electronic devices & their chargers and reading material should make a sterile hospital feel homier.

Read on for more of the fashionable mama’s hospital must-haves.

Newborn Baby Stuff

Newborn Baby Outfits
Newborn Baby Outfits

Blankets for Babe

A newborn baby item you should never be without is a soft and warm blanket. Newborns can catch a chill very easily, so always keep a blanket or two within reach.

Your hospital will likely provide blankets during your stay. Although, you may prefer to use your own during nursing and cuddle time. You can also use a blanket as a nursing cover. Give yourself a little extra privacy as you get used to breastfeeding.

Throw a cozy blanket over your babe’s car seat for the ride home. Protect your newborn’s sensitive skin from harsh surfaces.

Camera Ready Hospital Accessories

The first of millions of adorable pictures of your little one will be taken at the hospital. Pack a few cute accessories with your newborn baby items. Give your photos an extra special spark of sweetness.

A hospital hat is a necessity. You don’t want your babe to be cold. Grab this soft and sweet hospital hat adorned with a precious butterfly bow. 

This silver bow headband is too cute for words! You’ll get some great photos of your little one snoozing in her very first accessory.

Welcome Home Outfit

Newborn & Infant Clothing
Newborn & Infant Clothing

You should check your hospital’s baby clothing policy before delivery. Some hospitals allow mamas to bring clothes for their babes to wear in the hospital. Others require babies to wear the clothes provided until your little one is discharged.

You will need a special going home outfit. As this is your babe’s first car ride and first time seeing their home, plan for lots of photos. 

A buttery-soft footie makes a great welcome home outfit any time of the year. Add a hospital hat to keep your babe warm. Bring a jacket if it will be cool outside. You can easily add layers depending on the weather.

Cozy Items for Mama

You’ll likely be spending a few days in the hospital post-delivery. So packing some nice and soft clothes of your own is a game-changer when it comes to comfort. 

An old robe is a great addition to your hospital bag. Throw it on when you’re walking around. You’ll be glad to have an extra layer for warmth and modesty. No one wants to wear a hospital gown longer than necessary. Stash a soft, dark-colored nightgown in your bag. A nightie that buttons down the front will be a lifesaver if you’re breastfeeding. Pack some slippers and plenty of socks for yourself. 

For bonus points, bring your own pillow with a high-quality pillowcase and plushy towels.

Mama’s Favorite Beauty Products

Let’s be real here. Almost no one is going to be wearing a full face of make-up while in labor. But bring some of your favorite skincare and beauty products. This way you can try to make your hospital room feel a little more like a spa.

Pick up travel size bottles of your usual soap, shampoo and conditioner. The hospital provides these, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy your preferred products? Bring along your favorite moisturizers and lip balm — hospitals are notoriously drying to your skin. 

Some calming essential oils like lavender and chamomile can help you relax even though you’re not in your own bed. Every mama knows — get as much sleep as you can before your babe comes home.

Ease some of your pre-birthing anxiety and start packing your hospital bag now!



Meet Lilattoosh Baby: The New Baby Boutique in Miami

Baby boutique in Miami

Our kids deserve the very best, and that starts with the clothing that covers their little growing bodies, feet, and adorable faces.

Here at Lilattoosh Baby, we believe that every little boy and girl should look their very best, exploring styles, fashion, comfort, and versatility as they develop their own likes and dislikes.

In order to provide them with this kind of imaginative exploration, they need to be able to access the very best girls’ designer clothes and boys’ designer pieces right here in.

Baby store Miami
Baby store Miami

That’s where Lilattoosh Baby comes into the picture.

We work hard to curate a bespoke collection of baby clothing brands that uphold our commitment to quality, fashion, and affordability, all wrapped together with you, the parent, in mind.

We specialize in newborn baby outfits, girls’ designer clothes, and boys’ functional pieces that will undoubtedly make your day-to-day just a little bit easier.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to bold patterns, fun colors, cool neutrals, and bohemian styles that will have your little ones in fashionable presentation from the moment they wake up.

Just look at our Sweet Bubble Rompers for girls, available in peach, magenta, and black.

With elastic leg grips, sleeveless tops, and breathable cotton fabric, your little girl will look great, remain cool in hot temperatures, and enjoy happy skin in this kind of ergonomic baby clothing piece.

We don’t shy away from accessories, either.

When your baby hits the teething stage, we want you to maintain your style as a parent, which is why we carry wooden teething bracelets and necklaces. Now you can wear wooden pieces and silicone 100% chemical-free beads that your baby can chew on while you go about your day. At the same time, you can maintain your commitment to fashion, even as you keep the home in order.

best Baby Teether
Best Baby Teether

We haven’t forgotten about the newborn baby outfits for little boys!

We carry selections, like the Indigo Feathers Romper, sporting fun boy color pairings (navy blue and white) for a handsome appearance.

Cinching at the ankle, these rompers are made with baby movement in mind.

Our Designers

Newborn baby outfits
Newborn baby outfits

At Lilattoosh Baby, we’re committed to providing you with access to a wide range of versatile girls and boys clothing designers, working hard to release new selections, pieces, and patterns to match seasons, temperatures, and more.

That’s why we work with the likes of Baby Noomie, L’oved Baby, Kyte Baby, and Kissy Kissy, all revolutionary designers using Pima cotton and bamboo in the creation of their hypoallergenic, breathable, and soft baby clothing selections. We stick with Chewable Charm, Bibs and Ryan and Rose for our teething and pacifier accessories, as they strictly use food-grade silicone and wood in the making of their eco-friendly and baby-safe products.

We want you to cherish this special time in your life as you bond with your little one. They deserve baby clothing brands committed to excellence, which is exactly what we are providing to you.

We are your go-to baby store in Miami, ready to help families of all shapes and sizes, all around the world.

What is Bamboo? Learn More About This Ecofriendly Newborn Baby Fabric You Need in Your Life

When we hear of bamboo, we think of the long stalked-plant that we can find in Asian forests, or use as home décor in the corner of the room.

However, have you ever stopped to pause on the benefits of this naturally occurring plant, and how its fibers can be used in the creation of clothing? Scientists have discovered that not only is bamboo comfortable and soft, it’s also hypoallergenic, making it a perfection option for baby clothing brands.

So what is bamboo? Let’s breakdown this eco-friendly newborn baby fabric further.

Why Bamboo?

bamboo baby clothing
bamboo baby clothing


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on earth, growing up to a yard in a single day. Due to its vast, expansive nature, it grows in interconnected networks that regrow themselves when bamboo stalks are harvested.

Therefore, it doesn’t require replanting, fertilizers, or pesticides that can end up in other fabric materials.

Once harvested, the bamboo is converted into a fabric known as rayon, which is heralded for its naturally soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic properties.

As one of the most sustainable materials on earth, buying clothing made from rayon is an eco-friendly investment on the planet.

Top 3 Benefits of Buying Bamboo Baby Fabric

Although the benefits are expansive, here are some of the major benefits of dressing your little one in bamboo newborn baby outfits:

  • Breathability:

Especially with the hot summer months arriving, you need breathable baby outfits for your children. Bamboo is 3-degrees cooler than cotton, with natural fibers that are breathable in any kind of climate. The bamboo absorbs and evaporates humidity better than any other fabric available today.

  • Hypoallergenic Properties:

Bamboo is a hypoallergenic fabric that does not cause any reactions or skin irritations. It’s so hypoallergenic, in fact, that it is recommended for babies suffering from Eczema. Due to its natural breathability, babies are able to regulate their body temperature and keep their skin cool, dry, and happy.

  •  Sustainability: 

Since bamboo requires no chemicals and very little water to grow, this plant is extremely eco-friendly. Additionally, bamboo absorbs more CO2 from the air than either cotton or timber, releasing oxygen to improve air quality at the same time. Once you are done with the baby clothes, bamboo is biodegradable and valuable for our landfills and waste plants.


Our Bamboo Commitment in Our Baby Store Miami

We believe in the sustainability, comfort, and breathability of rayon, which is why we include newborn baby outfits, girl’s designer clothes, and baby clothing brands that utilize this fabric today. Check out our selection, right here in Miami!


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4 Adorable Baby Clothing Brands to Watch This Summer


After a long winter with cold days, colder nights, and barely any sunshine, we are finally entering those blissful summer months when you can kick back on the porch with lemonade in hand while your beautiful baby plays joyfully beside you.

You want to ensure the very best for your ray of sunshine, which is why you should consider only the very best baby clothing brands available today.

Given the hot temperatures, humidity, and sun exposure that is on its way, you need baby clothing brands that understand the importance of keeping your baby covered, cooled, and stylish all at the same time.

Here is our pick for the top 4 more adorable baby clothing brands to watch this summer:

Baby Noomie

Specializing in Pima cotton baby clothing that is breathable, ergonomic in design, and cooperative with sensitive baby skin, Baby Noomie is one of the go-to baby summer clothing designers in the U.S. From footies, sleepwear, and crib sheets, to blankets and beautiful baby accessories, this brand offers ultimate comfort with cotton that was made with you and your baby in mind.


Baby Noomie baby

Kyte Baby

Having recently launched their Summer 2019 collection, Kyte Baby is at the forefront of baby summer styling for little boys and girls looking to embrace the summer temperatures with smiles on their faces. Utilizing bamboo fabric, praised for its breathability, hypoallergenic nature, and comfort, all Kyte Baby summer clothing pieces will work with every kind of sensitive baby skin.

kyte baby bamboo baby outfits
kyte baby bamboo baby outfits

Jamie Kay

If you’re looking for girl’s designer clothes, then Jamie Kay is the place to find what you are looking for. This brand is known for adorable, edgy, and one-of-a-kind baby clothing pieces that will have your little one looking like a model. As summer befalls the U.S., they are releasing new sleeveless summer pieces, shirts, tank tops, dresses, and more, so your baby can stay cool and calm, no matter the temperatures outside.

jamie key best Baby clothing brands
jamie key best Baby clothing brands

Kissy Kissy

Having recently released their Boys Spring/Summer 2019 collection, shop warm weather must-haves in bold and bright prints that will have your little bundle of joy looking absolutely radiant. Kissy Kissy is carrying a range of comfy cute baby clothes that are made in softer than soft breathable Pima cotton. From shorts and pants to sleeveless tops and t-shirts, peruse entire boy’s wardrobe options from this baby clothing brand.

kissy kissy Baby clothing brands
kissy kissy Baby clothing brands

Lilattoosh Baby

Here at Lilattoosh Baby, we take pride in being a premiere baby boutique in Miami, carrying all of the best baby clothing brands for you to shop and consider. From 100% Pima cotton to bamboo fabric, all of our newborn baby outfits are comfortable, breathable, and made with sensitive baby skin in mind.

How Exactly Should You Swaddle a Baby?

baby swaddle

There are a lot of methods that parents can carry out to calm their baby and help them fall asleep faster. One of the most prominent — and unquestionably one of the oldest — methods is swaddling. 

Swaddling is essentially the practice of wrapping a light blanket around a baby. This practice has been around for centuries, and the idea behind it is to make the baby feel like they’re back in the womb, thus making them feel more comfortable. 

But though swaddling has been around forever, does it mean that parents should continue doing it? And if parents choose to practice swaddling, what is the right way to do it? 

The Benefits and Risks of Swaddling

As mentioned above, the purpose of swaddling is to calm the baby. So, when parents swaddle their baby, the baby will be able to settle more easily and sleep faster and longer. In particular, babies who have neurologic problems benefit from this. 

Moreover, swaddling also helps parents get their babies to fall asleep on their backs, which is what doctors actually recommend that parents do in order to avoid sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 

However, even though swaddling has its benefits, it also poses a few risks. For one thing, swaddling wraps the legs together tightly, which can increase the possibility of hip problems. 

Additionally, swaddle blankets may overheat the newborn baby, and frequent swaddling has the possibility to suppress the baby’s voice. 

How to Swaddle a Baby

Because of all the risks mentioned above, it’s highly imperative that parents practice the proper technique when it comes to swaddling. 

So, if you want to practice the baby swaddle, you should follow the tips below. 

  1. The materials you’re going to swaddle your baby in should be thin. This is because thin materials are breathable, so your baby won’t suffocate when you wrap them up. A few suitable swaddle blankets are cotton blankets and cotton muslin wraps. 
  2. You should never wrap several layers of blankets around your baby. 
  3. You shouldn’t swaddle your baby’s neck and head. If you do, they will definitely have trouble breathing.
  4. When you wrap your baby up, make sure it’s firm but gentle. The wrapping should never be tight. To check if the swaddling is okay, your baby should be able to move their hips and knees. 
  5. You should always put a swaddled baby on their back — never on their side or front. 
  6. You should regularly check your baby’s temperature — to ensure they don’t feel overheated. 
  7. You should only swaddle if the baby is newly born. Once they start rolling over, the swaddling should stop. 


As a method that has been around since time immemorial, swaddling has been used by parents to calm their babies and get them to sleep. However, it should be done right to avoid complications and problems. 

If you’re planning to swaddle your newborn baby, you should take the time to learn how to properly do it.

How to Dress a Newborn When Leaving the Hospital

newborn hospital clothes

You’re about to have a baby. It’s one of the most momentous events of your life thus far. Just think: soon you’ll be bringing your little one home, snugly dressed in—

Wait a minute. What do you dress your newborn in as you’re leaving the hospital? It’s the first time you’ll be dressing them. What should they wear? Do they need anything special? Should you try to make a fashion statement?

Relax. Here’s everything you need to know about newborn hospital clothes.

Dressing for Weather

A lot of new parents have a tendency to overdress their newborns the first time out. They’ll swaddle them in far too many layers, or put them into some complicated outfit that requires an engineering degree to get them out of again. So the first step in dressing a newborn is, don’t overthink it.

On the day your baby is to leave the hospital, look at what the weather is like outside. Think about what you’re going to be wearing yourself, to be comfortable outside. Then, dress your baby based on that.

If it’s going to be cold, give them a nice, warm, wool onesie, and maybe a wool hat to match. You may want to add layers, but only as many as they need. Consider some mittens and leg warmers.

If the weather is going to be warmer, then a T-shirt and some cotton pants will do just fine, or maybe a light, cotton onesie. If there’s going to be a lot of sun, consider giving them a hat. If it’s raining, dress them in something to protect them from the wetness.

Dressing for Practicality

Think about the accessories you will and won’t need. If your baby is dressed in a onesie, does it have footies, or not? If it does, then socks aren’t necessary, but otherwise, they’ll need a pair. Shoes, on the other hand, your baby won’t need them until they start to walk. You may be considering buying them a pair right away, just as a cute fashion accessory, but remember: you’ll be the one who has to put those “cute fashion accessories” on your child’s feet. And they’ll be the ones kicking them off at every opportunity, whether you want them to or not.

This brings us to outfit practicality. Remember that you’ll have to dress them, and it’s something they’re not used to. They may squirm or resist, so don’t dress them in something that requires a lot of pushing and pulling of arms and legs in order to get on.

Likewise, avoid complicated outfits that involve a lot of buttons or snaps. Remember that you may need to get those clothes off them in a hurry, in order to change a diaper.

If you’re able, bring a small bag of baby clothes with you to the hospital, so you have a couple of options when you leave. Play it by ear, with regards to the factors discussed above, and decide on the day what’s going to be easiest for you and most comfortable for your baby.

You may have all sorts of cute patterns and fun colors and styles planned out in advance, but when the time actually comes to bring your baby home, fashion will likely be the last thing on your mind. Dressing in something cute and fashionable is fine, of course. But first and foremost, keep it simple, keep it functional, and keep it comfortable. As long as you remember that, you’ll both be just fine.

Baby Noomie Pajamas New Prints We Love

Baby Noomie new collection

Baby Noomie: new season equals new prints!  A favorite among moms and babies, new prints have arrived!

Cars, cookies, dogs and more!  You can’t go wrong with this super soft, Peruvian Pima Cotton jammy.  They look adorable, fit perfectly and wash well. 

The cars have a minimal, old-school look.  With neutral colors and a pop of yellow, this pajama is a perfect ‘boy’ look. 

The cookies print is a gender neutral print that will look adorable for a little boy or a girl with a big bow.  

The dog print is an upgrade to their dog print of last season, also made in the girl version with pops of pink and has been a best seller of the season.


For the sweet girls, Baby Noomie did a Lollipop print on both white and pink backgrounds that is adorable and eye-catching but not tacky.   Another on trend print they did for the season was Sprinkles & Donuts!  With their soft color choices and sweet graphics, these have also rocked in best sales.

And of course, don’t forget the tie dye!  This super trendy print has made a come back and Baby Noomie does not fail to impress with theirs!  In light pink or light blue shades, the tie dye jammies have been seen on every celebrity baby in America.

donuts toddler lifestyle

Originally from Peru,  Baby Noomie uses Peruvian Pima cotton which is a strong and durable cotton that keeps its shape, yet soft and cuddly for a baby and mama alike.  It makes snuggling your babe that much better!  For those short baby years, it’s worth the investment on buying good quality pajamas and clothing that you will want to hold your babe close and not let them go!


goosebumps baby swaddle – should you swaddle your baby?

Being a new mama or a veteran, been there, done that kinda mama, we always need reminders at certain stages of our babe’s lives with what is best.  Times change, rules change, new products pop-up and sometimes, we live and we learn.

Swaddling your new baby keeps them warm and cozy, just like in the mother’s womb.  They come from a world of dark, curled up and warmth and suddenly enter a cold and open environment.  Keeping them swaddled ensures this ‘womb-like’ feel for the baby.

Ever realize how a baby is easily startled in their sleep?  Their arms open wide and their legs stretch out?  This is normal with a newborn, as they are not used to all of these big loud sounds and movements.  Swaddling will help keep them feeling safe and that tight wrap will keep them from being startled awake.  They will sleep much better and mama will have a nice coffee break (or much needed extra sleep!).

Goosebumps Baby offers a fantastic swaddle with just enough of a Lycra mix that will make swaddling your babe easy and stylish.  With on trend prints, such as animal prints (wild child) and black and white stripes (cookies and cream) to tie dyes and florals, your babe will not only have the best sleep but look their best, too!

Chewable Charm Teether Why Your Baby Need One


[su_image_carousel source=”media: 10157,10149,10147,10144,10133,10131,10555,1920,1919,1918,1917,1907″ max_width=”500px” autoplay=”2″ image_size=”thumbnail”]

Chewable Charm teethers

not only get the job done, but they are stylish, as well!  Most are made from beech wood or silicone and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Their most popular style is the Hayes, which has two silicone strands wrapped around a beech wood ring.  It comes in many colors and new colors are added each season.  Another fave is their teething rattle.

Chewable Charm teethers
Chewable Charm teethers

It has a silicone rippled ring with a white ball attached that has a very quiet sounding rattle.  It soothes both your babe’s ears and teeth at the same time.

Pacifier Holder VS Pacifier Clips: The Ultimate Guide For Modern Moms

Lou Lou Lollipop pacifier clips


Ever wonder about what type of pacifier holders there are?  Or the differences between paci holders?  Or the different brand name pacifier clips?  The wondering is over!   Here is your ultimate guide to choosing the right pacifier holder for your little one.

Type of pacifier holder and why do we need them

Stuffed Animal Pacifier Holder : 

One popular type of pacifier holder is the pacifier attached to a stuffed animal.  This Mama’s love, especially in the newborn stage.  The nipple is very small and is similar to the type of paci you can find in the hospital.  The attached animal helps the paci stay put in your babe’s mouth and easy to find, for both Mama & baby.

[su_button url=”https://www.lilattoosh.com/product-category/accessories/pacifier-clips/” background=”#f19a43″ size=”7″ radius=”0″]Shop Pacifier Clips [/su_button]

Lovey Pacifier Holder :

A newer model of the paci clip is a lovey or a mini blanket that has a little hole and attaches to the ring of a pacifier.  Does your babe love holding onto her blankie?  Here is a way to keep the paci close by and hold onto a soft, cuddly blankie!

Pacifier clips you need to know about

There are many types of pacifier clips for all of the modern mama’s (and not so modern!). The most typical is either made of fabric or beaded and a metal clip on the end, and it attaches to your babe’s clothing and makes it easy for your little one to find (and Mama, too!).  

Wooden bead pacifier clips :

This type of pacifier clip has wooden beads on a string and is attached to a clip.

Silicone bead pacifier clips :

The most modern type is a silicone beaded strand with a clip attached.  This makes it suitable for a teething baby, who is likely to enjoy putting the beaded strand in his mouth, even more than the paci to soothe their gums.

best pacifier clips brands

Ryan and Rose pacifier clips :

Ryan and Rose

Ryan & Rose paci clips are a fan fave, both among Mama’s and babe’s.  They are either silicone beads or a mix of beech wood beads and silicone, which makes it an easy chew toy when your little one is teething.  The clips are relatively short with small beads for comfort.  The string is not as long as other brands, so they don’t get in the way of a baby crawling or a toddler walking.  With matching colors to their paci’s, they have become a very popular accessory and necessity in the baby world!

[su_button url=”https://www.lilattoosh.com/brand/ryan-and-rose/” background=”#f19a43″ size=”7″ radius=”0″]Shop all Ryan & Rose[/su_button]

Lou Lou Lollipop pacifier clips : 

Lou Lou Lollipop pacifier clips

Lou Lou Lollipop pacifier clips are medium sized silicone beads on a longer strand attached to metal clip.  These have a few uses, one as a pacifier clip, another as a teether and lastly, they have a long enough string at the end to tie onto a silicone teether.

Mushie pacifier clips :

Mushie pacifier clips
Mushie pacifier clips

Similar to Ryan & Rose, Mushie’s clips are mostly made from silicone, some mixed with beech wood, giving the baby some teething comfort.  They are small beads on short strings and many match up to the Bibs Pacifier, a must-have accessory for your tiny little one!

Chewable charm clips :

Chewable charm clips
Chewable charm clips

These clips are mostly made with medium-sized silicone beads.  They are longer than other brands, giving more movement and less attention to placement when attaching it onto your baby.  They have a wood decoration attached to the metal clip for added beauty.

[su_button url=”https://www.lilattoosh.com/brand/chewable-charm/” background=”#f19a43″ size=”7″ radius=”0″]Shop all Chewable Charm[/su_button]

Matching your pacifier clip to the pacifier color and to the baby outfit


Modern Mama’s are always looking to accessorize their babes in the cutest and most up-to-date looks.  A very popular and successful way to do this, is to make the baby’s pacifier clip and paci match to their outfit each day.  Mama’s invest in different colors, neutrals, brights, or the color of the season and match up to their baby’s look of the day!


With so many options (and stylish ones at that!), it is definitely worth the investment of a few good paci clips.  They keep the pacifier from falling onto the dirty floor or getting lost or thrown overboard when your babe is riding in the stroller.  And bonus for the modern mamas, you can now find clips that match the pacifier!  Mama’s, say goodbye to losing your babe’s paci!






Best Bibs Pacifier Colors You Need to Know About

BIBS Pacifiers for baby girl and boy

How to choose your Bibs pacifier color? 

With so many colors to choose from, it can be a daunting task.  Do you choose a neutral color that goes with everything or go with that gorgeous new plum color of the season?  If your babe is super into paci’s, our suggestion is to stock up!  You just never know when and where you will be stuck with your babe cranky with no paci in sight!  It’s best to choose a variety of colors and keep some by the kitchen and some in baby’s room, as well as diaper bag and even an extra in your car console.  For your main paci’s that are used every day, keep a few neutrals on hand and add a pop of color or two to fill in when your outfit of the day is a neutral.


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Bibs pacifier colors for boys 

Are you a boy mama?  So often, the typical boy colors can be boring.  Okay okay, we get it.  There’s blue, green, red, brown… this is one reason Bibs pacifiers are such a great go-to paci!  With so many colors to choose from, it can make any basic boy outfit suddenly super cute!  One of our fave’s is the color Sage, and it has been our most popular for months now!

It’s a great neutral and goes with everything but adds just enough color.  Another great option is Midnight.  It’s a gorgeous tone of blue, a mix between royal blue and navy.  A few other great options for boys is Island Sea (a it darker than sea foam), Iron (a steal toned grey), Cloud (a light blueish grey) & Dark Oak (dark taupe).



Bibs pacifiers for girls 

Of course, the typical girl colors are always fun, such as pinks and purples.  But Bibs has a variety of more girly color pacifiers that are sure to match all of those cute outfits hanging in your little babe’s closet!  Heather is a mix of lavender and baby pink, making a subtle and unique statement.  Coral, is well, coral!  Such a beautiful shade for a nice pop of color or for a warm vacation days.   One of our faves and a popular color has been Orchid, a brighter mix of raspberry and purple.  And of course the basics, such as Baby Pink, Blush and Ivory, a great neutral that goes with everything!



Seasonal Bibs pacifier colors

With each season and change in temps, Bibs comes out with new colors to match the holiday or seasonal changes.  This Fall/Winter season, one of our faves is the color Ruby, which is a deep wine red.  Another popular color has been Chesnut, a smokey brown color, so perfect for the cool fall weather.

Match Bibs pacifier with your baby outfits 

As with any accessory, us Mama’s love matching our babe’s outfit to their accessories.  It keeps the morning routine exciting and when you get that comment about attention to details from another Mama, it’s sure to make you smile.  How cute would it be if your lil babe was wearing an all black outfit and the paci was a black matching one!  Or your little girl was wearing the cutest sundress with shades of coral and oranges and her paci was Coral to match!  Don’t miss out on this! need help choosing take advantage on our free personal shopper tool 

bibs matching outfits