Why we love posh peanut Lana leopard print so much

Posh Peanut Lana Leopard print arrives

It’s here!  Lana Leopard from Posh Peanut has made it’s official landing as a core product for Posh Peanut.  This means it will be a staple, a regular on their site.  What does this mean for us?  It will always be available to restock and buy when your babe outgrows your last Lana Leopard purchase.

Why do we love it so much?  Well…aren’t you just as obsessed with leopard print as we are?  Don’t you have a few leopard pieces in your closet?  If you don’t, go get some because it’s a trend that will be sticking around for a while. The BEST part of this is that you can now easily do mommy-and-me matching!  Any leopards of any colors go well together and it’s even cuter when you match your mini.

posh peanut Lana

Posh Peanut’s Lana Leopard print perfect fit for any event

Lana Leopard is great for every day wear, as well as getting dressed and ready to impress for a special occasion or outing.  Pair it with new kicks and a black bow and your babe is ready for play dates or pre-school or dress it up with ballet flats and she is ready for a party!


Posh Peanut Lana Leopard Zippered Ruffle Footie

If you love to be on-trend, why not be fashionable all the time?  Just because your going to sleep or hanging around home, doesn’t mean your babe can’t be dressed to impress.  It’ll make Mama feel good that at least someone looks good!


Lana Leopard Long Sleeve Ruffled Romper

This ruffled romper is a new style for Posh Peanut.  With a clean front, snaps on the bottom, it can be worn as a daytime outfit with a cute pair of moccs or as jammies at night.  Add a little ruffle & leopard and your babe has it all!


Posh Peanut Lana Leopard Twirl Bodysuit

The twirl bodysuit.  Everyone’s favorite item in their babe’s closet!  The mad rush for twirl bodysuits…what’s the craziness all about?  They are SO SO CUTE!  Okay, there’s a bit more than that.  Isn’t it so annoying when your little one is in the stroller and their dress is all the way up around their belly because they are moving so much?  Now it’s not only not so cute but their little bodies are cold!  So here we have the twirl bodysuit.  It’s a regular bodysuit with an added skirt so the mini gets the look of a dress but it doesn’t ride up!  Genius!  Wear is just as is, or pair it with a legging or biker short and now you have the cutest and most comfortable dress!  And, then add Lana Leopard print and you are SET!

How to build the most amazing outfit with Lana Leopard print?

Okay, we have that covered, too.  The best thing about Lana Leopard is it’s ability to be worn as a cute jammy or as the best-dressed girl in town!  Pair it with a cute pair of gold, silver, neutral or black moccs and your babe will be dressed to impress.  Add a matching bow and a matching paci and clip and she’ll be all set!  Bottom line… Don’t pass up on Lana Leopard.  It’s a staple, the new neutral and can be worn as lounge wear or out and about.

Baby Noomie Pajamas New Prints We Love

Baby Noomie new collection

Baby Noomie: new season equals new prints!  A favorite among moms and babies, new prints have arrived!

Cars, cookies, dogs and more!  You can’t go wrong with this super soft, Peruvian Pima Cotton jammy.  They look adorable, fit perfectly and wash well. 

The cars have a minimal, old-school look.  With neutral colors and a pop of yellow, this pajama is a perfect ‘boy’ look. 

The cookies print is a gender neutral print that will look adorable for a little boy or a girl with a big bow.  

The dog print is an upgrade to their dog print of last season, also made in the girl version with pops of pink and has been a best seller of the season.


For the sweet girls, Baby Noomie did a Lollipop print on both white and pink backgrounds that is adorable and eye-catching but not tacky.   Another on trend print they did for the season was Sprinkles & Donuts!  With their soft color choices and sweet graphics, these have also rocked in best sales.

And of course, don’t forget the tie dye!  This super trendy print has made a come back and Baby Noomie does not fail to impress with theirs!  In light pink or light blue shades, the tie dye jammies have been seen on every celebrity baby in America.

donuts toddler lifestyle

Originally from Peru,  Baby Noomie uses Peruvian Pima cotton which is a strong and durable cotton that keeps its shape, yet soft and cuddly for a baby and mama alike.  It makes snuggling your babe that much better!  For those short baby years, it’s worth the investment on buying good quality pajamas and clothing that you will want to hold your babe close and not let them go!


goosebumps baby swaddle – should you swaddle your baby?

Being a new mama or a veteran, been there, done that kinda mama, we always need reminders at certain stages of our babe’s lives with what is best.  Times change, rules change, new products pop-up and sometimes, we live and we learn.

Swaddling your new baby keeps them warm and cozy, just like in the mother’s womb.  They come from a world of dark, curled up and warmth and suddenly enter a cold and open environment.  Keeping them swaddled ensures this ‘womb-like’ feel for the baby.

Ever realize how a baby is easily startled in their sleep?  Their arms open wide and their legs stretch out?  This is normal with a newborn, as they are not used to all of these big loud sounds and movements.  Swaddling will help keep them feeling safe and that tight wrap will keep them from being startled awake.  They will sleep much better and mama will have a nice coffee break (or much needed extra sleep!).

Goosebumps Baby offers a fantastic swaddle with just enough of a Lycra mix that will make swaddling your babe easy and stylish.  With on trend prints, such as animal prints (wild child) and black and white stripes (cookies and cream) to tie dyes and florals, your babe will not only have the best sleep but look their best, too!

Chewable Charm Teether Why Your Baby Need One


Chewable Charm teethers

not only get the job done, but they are stylish, as well!  Most are made from beech wood or silicone and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Their most popular style is the Hayes, which has two silicone strands wrapped around a beech wood ring.  It comes in many colors and new colors are added each season.  Another fave is their teething rattle.

Chewable Charm teethers
Chewable Charm teethers

It has a silicone rippled ring with a white ball attached that has a very quiet sounding rattle.  It soothes both your babe’s ears and teeth at the same time.

Pacifier Holder VS Pacifier Clips: The Ultimate Guide For Modern Moms

Lou Lou Lollipop pacifier clips


Ever wonder about what type of pacifier holders there are?  Or the differences between paci holders?  Or the different brand name pacifier clips?  The wondering is over!   Here is your ultimate guide to choosing the right pacifier holder for your little one.

Type of pacifier holder and why do we need them

Stuffed Animal Pacifier Holder : 

One popular type of pacifier holder is the pacifier attached to a stuffed animal.  This Mama’s love, especially in the newborn stage.  The nipple is very small and is similar to the type of paci you can find in the hospital.  The attached animal helps the paci stay put in your babe’s mouth and easy to find, for both Mama & baby.

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Lovey Pacifier Holder :

A newer model of the paci clip is a lovey or a mini blanket that has a little hole and attaches to the ring of a pacifier.  Does your babe love holding onto her blankie?  Here is a way to keep the paci close by and hold onto a soft, cuddly blankie!

Pacifier clips you need to know about

There are many types of pacifier clips for all of the modern mama’s (and not so modern!). The most typical is either made of fabric or beaded and a metal clip on the end, and it attaches to your babe’s clothing and makes it easy for your little one to find (and Mama, too!).  

Wooden bead pacifier clips :

This type of pacifier clip has wooden beads on a string and is attached to a clip.

Silicone bead pacifier clips :

The most modern type is a silicone beaded strand with a clip attached.  This makes it suitable for a teething baby, who is likely to enjoy putting the beaded strand in his mouth, even more than the paci to soothe their gums.

best pacifier clips brands

Ryan and Rose pacifier clips :

Ryan and Rose

Ryan & Rose paci clips are a fan fave, both among Mama’s and babe’s.  They are either silicone beads or a mix of beech wood beads and silicone, which makes it an easy chew toy when your little one is teething.  The clips are relatively short with small beads for comfort.  The string is not as long as other brands, so they don’t get in the way of a baby crawling or a toddler walking.  With matching colors to their paci’s, they have become a very popular accessory and necessity in the baby world!

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Lou Lou Lollipop pacifier clips : 

Lou Lou Lollipop pacifier clips

Lou Lou Lollipop pacifier clips are medium sized silicone beads on a longer strand attached to metal clip.  These have a few uses, one as a pacifier clip, another as a teether and lastly, they have a long enough string at the end to tie onto a silicone teether.

Mushie pacifier clips :

Mushie pacifier clips
Mushie pacifier clips

Similar to Ryan & Rose, Mushie’s clips are mostly made from silicone, some mixed with beech wood, giving the baby some teething comfort.  They are small beads on short strings and many match up to the Bibs Pacifier, a must-have accessory for your tiny little one!

Chewable charm clips :

Chewable charm clips
Chewable charm clips

These clips are mostly made with medium-sized silicone beads.  They are longer than other brands, giving more movement and less attention to placement when attaching it onto your baby.  They have a wood decoration attached to the metal clip for added beauty.

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Matching your pacifier clip to the pacifier color and to the baby outfit


Modern Mama’s are always looking to accessorize their babes in the cutest and most up-to-date looks.  A very popular and successful way to do this, is to make the baby’s pacifier clip and paci match to their outfit each day.  Mama’s invest in different colors, neutrals, brights, or the color of the season and match up to their baby’s look of the day!


With so many options (and stylish ones at that!), it is definitely worth the investment of a few good paci clips.  They keep the pacifier from falling onto the dirty floor or getting lost or thrown overboard when your babe is riding in the stroller.  And bonus for the modern mamas, you can now find clips that match the pacifier!  Mama’s, say goodbye to losing your babe’s paci!