How Exactly Should You Swaddle a Baby?

baby swaddle

There are a lot of methods that parents can carry out to calm their baby and help them fall asleep faster. One of the most prominent — and unquestionably one of the oldest — methods is swaddling. 

Swaddling is essentially the practice of wrapping a light blanket around a baby. This practice has been around for centuries, and the idea behind it is to make the baby feel like they’re back in the womb, thus making them feel more comfortable. 

But though swaddling has been around forever, does it mean that parents should continue doing it? And if parents choose to practice swaddling, what is the right way to do it? 

The Benefits and Risks of Swaddling

As mentioned above, the purpose of swaddling is to calm the baby. So, when parents swaddle their baby, the baby will be able to settle more easily and sleep faster and longer. In particular, babies who have neurologic problems benefit from this. 

Moreover, swaddling also helps parents get their babies to fall asleep on their backs, which is what doctors actually recommend that parents do in order to avoid sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 

However, even though swaddling has its benefits, it also poses a few risks. For one thing, swaddling wraps the legs together tightly, which can increase the possibility of hip problems. 

Additionally, swaddle blankets may overheat the newborn baby, and frequent swaddling has the possibility to suppress the baby’s voice. 

How to Swaddle a Baby

Because of all the risks mentioned above, it’s highly imperative that parents practice the proper technique when it comes to swaddling. 

So, if you want to practice the baby swaddle, you should follow the tips below. 

  1. The materials you’re going to swaddle your baby in should be thin. This is because thin materials are breathable, so your baby won’t suffocate when you wrap them up. A few suitable swaddle blankets are cotton blankets and cotton muslin wraps. 
  2. You should never wrap several layers of blankets around your baby. 
  3. You shouldn’t swaddle your baby’s neck and head. If you do, they will definitely have trouble breathing.
  4. When you wrap your baby up, make sure it’s firm but gentle. The wrapping should never be tight. To check if the swaddling is okay, your baby should be able to move their hips and knees. 
  5. You should always put a swaddled baby on their back — never on their side or front. 
  6. You should regularly check your baby’s temperature — to ensure they don’t feel overheated. 
  7. You should only swaddle if the baby is newly born. Once they start rolling over, the swaddling should stop. 


As a method that has been around since time immemorial, swaddling has been used by parents to calm their babies and get them to sleep. However, it should be done right to avoid complications and problems. 

If you’re planning to swaddle your newborn baby, you should take the time to learn how to properly do it.

How to Dress a Newborn When Leaving the Hospital

newborn hospital clothes

You’re about to have a baby. It’s one of the most momentous events of your life thus far. Just think: soon you’ll be bringing your little one home, snugly dressed in—

Wait a minute. What do you dress your newborn in as you’re leaving the hospital? It’s the first time you’ll be dressing them. What should they wear? Do they need anything special? Should you try to make a fashion statement?

Relax. Here’s everything you need to know about newborn hospital clothes.

Dressing for Weather

A lot of new parents have a tendency to overdress their newborns the first time out. They’ll swaddle them in far too many layers, or put them into some complicated outfit that requires an engineering degree to get them out of again. So the first step in dressing a newborn is, don’t overthink it.

On the day your baby is to leave the hospital, look at what the weather is like outside. Think about what you’re going to be wearing yourself, to be comfortable outside. Then, dress your baby based on that.

If it’s going to be cold, give them a nice, warm, wool onesie, and maybe a wool hat to match. You may want to add layers, but only as many as they need. Consider some mittens and leg warmers.

If the weather is going to be warmer, then a T-shirt and some cotton pants will do just fine, or maybe a light, cotton onesie. If there’s going to be a lot of sun, consider giving them a hat. If it’s raining, dress them in something to protect them from the wetness.

Dressing for Practicality

Think about the accessories you will and won’t need. If your baby is dressed in a onesie, does it have footies, or not? If it does, then socks aren’t necessary, but otherwise, they’ll need a pair. Shoes, on the other hand, your baby won’t need them until they start to walk. You may be considering buying them a pair right away, just as a cute fashion accessory, but remember: you’ll be the one who has to put those “cute fashion accessories” on your child’s feet. And they’ll be the ones kicking them off at every opportunity, whether you want them to or not.

This brings us to outfit practicality. Remember that you’ll have to dress them, and it’s something they’re not used to. They may squirm or resist, so don’t dress them in something that requires a lot of pushing and pulling of arms and legs in order to get on.

Likewise, avoid complicated outfits that involve a lot of buttons or snaps. Remember that you may need to get those clothes off them in a hurry, in order to change a diaper.

If you’re able, bring a small bag of baby clothes with you to the hospital, so you have a couple of options when you leave. Play it by ear, with regards to the factors discussed above, and decide on the day what’s going to be easiest for you and most comfortable for your baby.

You may have all sorts of cute patterns and fun colors and styles planned out in advance, but when the time actually comes to bring your baby home, fashion will likely be the last thing on your mind. Dressing in something cute and fashionable is fine, of course. But first and foremost, keep it simple, keep it functional, and keep it comfortable. As long as you remember that, you’ll both be just fine.

Why we love posh peanut Lana leopard print so much

Posh Peanut Lana Leopard print arrives

It’s here!  Lana Leopard from Posh Peanut has made it’s official landing as a core product for Posh Peanut.  This means it will be a staple, a regular on their site.  What does this mean for us?  It will always be available to restock and buy when your babe outgrows your last Lana Leopard purchase.

Why do we love it so much?  Well…aren’t you just as obsessed with leopard print as we are?  Don’t you have a few leopard pieces in your closet?  If you don’t, go get some because it’s a trend that will be sticking around for a while. The BEST part of this is that you can now easily do mommy-and-me matching!  Any leopards of any colors go well together and it’s even cuter when you match your mini.

posh peanut Lana

Posh Peanut’s Lana Leopard print perfect fit for any event

Lana Leopard is great for every day wear, as well as getting dressed and ready to impress for a special occasion or outing.  Pair it with new kicks and a black bow and your babe is ready for play dates or pre-school or dress it up with ballet flats and she is ready for a party!


Posh Peanut Lana Leopard Zippered Ruffle Footie

If you love to be on-trend, why not be fashionable all the time?  Just because your going to sleep or hanging around home, doesn’t mean your babe can’t be dressed to impress.  It’ll make Mama feel good that at least someone looks good!


Lana Leopard Long Sleeve Ruffled Romper

This ruffled romper is a new style for Posh Peanut.  With a clean front, snaps on the bottom, it can be worn as a daytime outfit with a cute pair of moccs or as jammies at night.  Add a little ruffle & leopard and your babe has it all!


Posh Peanut Lana Leopard Twirl Bodysuit

The twirl bodysuit.  Everyone’s favorite item in their babe’s closet!  The mad rush for twirl bodysuits…what’s the craziness all about?  They are SO SO CUTE!  Okay, there’s a bit more than that.  Isn’t it so annoying when your little one is in the stroller and their dress is all the way up around their belly because they are moving so much?  Now it’s not only not so cute but their little bodies are cold!  So here we have the twirl bodysuit.  It’s a regular bodysuit with an added skirt so the mini gets the look of a dress but it doesn’t ride up!  Genius!  Wear is just as is, or pair it with a legging or biker short and now you have the cutest and most comfortable dress!  And, then add Lana Leopard print and you are SET!

How to build the most amazing outfit with Lana Leopard print?

Okay, we have that covered, too.  The best thing about Lana Leopard is it’s ability to be worn as a cute jammy or as the best-dressed girl in town!  Pair it with a cute pair of gold, silver, neutral or black moccs and your babe will be dressed to impress.  Add a matching bow and a matching paci and clip and she’ll be all set!  Bottom line… Don’t pass up on Lana Leopard.  It’s a staple, the new neutral and can be worn as lounge wear or out and about.

Must-Have Baby Registry Items

Preparing for a new bundle of joy? Or getting ready for baby number…. whatever it is, new baby products are popping up making mommy-hood that much simpler.  Each baby brings new products, new obstacles and with new and improved products, it just eases the anxiety and makes your life, Mommy, easier.
With just having my fifth baby (yes, during a pandemic), of course I bought some new products, upgraded some old (but great) products, or recycled the faves!
Keep on reading for the tried & tested and some of the best baby products out there! (Click on photo to shop!)

Blooming Bath Flower Bath:

One word sums up this product: WOW!  I have tried many different types of baths and this is by far my favorite!  This product has won the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent approved) award, too!  It sits comfortably inside of any sink and really snuggles the baby like when in the mommy’s belly.  You don’t have to waste time or water filling up a large bath tub and then getting back pains for having to lean over.  Best part, it washes well!  Every time I do baby’s load of laundry, I throw it in the washer and dryer.  Simple to use, easy to clean and super comfy for baby!

Doona Car Seat/Stroller:

Okay, this is another Wow! Truthfully, since we are in the middle of a pandemic, I haven’t used it as much as if we weren’t.  But, the car seat is an all-in-one deal.  It’s a car seat that with a simple click unfolds to a stroller! How cool is that? No more stroller attachments, carrying heavy car seats to do a quick in and out errand and makes traveling easy!  This is a no brainer Mom’s!

Hospital Hat

These are a must-have for your hospital bag for your new babe!  So sweet and such an upgrade from the normal baby hats or hospital hats they give to you.  It makes your new bundle of joy look their best and give picture-perfect memories from day 1!  They are super soft and made from hospital-grade fabric to ensure it will be comfortable with no rash for baby.

Shop Hospital Hats at Lilattoosh Baby

Boppy Lounger

So when I had my first baby 8 years ago, I bought the Boppy.  Ya know, the one that’s U – shaped to help make feeds more comfortable?  And while I used it for that purpose, I loved the incline of it so I filled the U with a blanket so my baby could use it more of a lounger.  While I was shopping for baby products and doing my research before this baby arrived, I found the product I wish they had made 8 years ago! The Boppy Lounger! And yes, it’s as amazing as I thought it would be.  You’ll thank me later!

Kyte Baby Bundler

What an upgrade to the old-fashioned newborn gown!  I never understood the concept of having an elastic ‘closure’ at the bottom of the gown.  Sweet babe would be freezing!  The bundler is just as it sounds; bundles up your baby with a few simple snaps.  I loved these for the first 2- 3 months.  Made middle of the night diaper changes a breeze and it was super comfy for baby.  Oh, and how could I forget? They are made from 97% bamboo rayon and 3% spandex making them the absolute most comfortable thing ever.  You’ll want the whole line.

Shop Kyte Baby Bundler at Lilattoosh Baby

Sleep Bag

Well, that brings me to this AH-MAZE-ING product.  No, seriously.  if you don’t have this, click and order it now!  It’s literally a miracle worker.  At around two months old, I transfer my infant from swaddling to this sleep bag.  It’s not only the safest alternative, but it actually helps reduce the percentage of SIDS.  It’s made of 97% rayon bamboo and is the SOFTEST thing you have ever felt.  You’ll want one for yourself, too.  It features a double zipper, so you can unzip from the bottom for middle of the night diaper changes and comes in Togs, which is the weight of the bag according to the temperature in the room (1.0 is perfect for the average temp).

Shop Sleep Bags at Lilattoosh Baby

Honest Diapers

Say hi to the cutest prints that change with the seasons (and holidays too!).  I switched over from Pampers to Honest when I had my 3rd baby.  I actually liked Pampers quality and fit but couldn’t bear to see another Elmo again.  I was OVER  IT!  I was looking for the whole package: cuteness, durability and protection.  This was it! And even better, they have an app that makes ordering easy, gives a discount with a subscription and it’s a no-

hassle cancel if you decide you’re over it (or when your babe is potty trained and they are over it).


 I am a Bibs fan. Tried and true fan!  I have tried all different brands with every single baby.  And Bibs has been the brand that most babies love!  They have a natural shape, just like the mothers nipple.  I get customers, friends and family calling me all the time with a new baby crying for help! My baby won’t take the paci and won’t stop crying! After trying Bibs, most often, it’s a winner! Happy baby, happy Mommy!  And best part, they have every shade of every color to match every cute outfit you have for your babe!

Posh Peanut Baby Swaddles

Have you ever tried swaddling a baby? It definitely takes many tries until you finally get it right and baby doesn’t break out of it.  Most swaddles aren’t the right shape, the right size, the right fabrics.  Posh Peanut swaddles are just right!! With a bit of spandex in them and just the right size, they wrap baby easily and to perfection.  I love to wrap baby and tie a knot at the bottom, making it smooth under the baby but tight enough to keep baby wrapped.

Motorola Baby Monitor

Finally found the perfect monitor!  Finally a monitor that has a physical monitor AND an app to see baby on your phone through wifi.  I have tried both types and before this one, preferred the physical monitor because I didn’t like that I couldn’t use my phone if I wanted to see the baby.  Or, if my nanny came, she had to use download the app, my husband had to download the app and everyone else who came to watch the baby.  How annoying is that?!?! This gives me the option to use both while at home, as well as if I am out and about and want to check in on baby while he’s sleeping.  A perfect combo!  Has tons of other functions, including room temperature, music, photos, videos, microphone and so much more.

Munchkin Diaper Pale

Another product that I have tried every brand out there.  This is the BEST! I always looked for the ‘best looking’ because it ends up being part of the decor of the nursery.  But, finally, I got the Munchkin and while it’s nothing special looks-wise, it most definitely blends in and doesn’t ruin the look I have going in the nursery.  Super easy to use, the bags hold a weeks worth of diapers and there is absolutely no smell that leaks out.  You can purchase the generic bags, but since I have had luck with the Munchkin bags, not ripping or smelling, I continued to use them.

Best Baby Teether

Think you have tons of time before baby is crying uncontrollably because they are teething? What no one tells you about is that most babies start teething around 2 months, even though most babes don’t actually cut their first tooth until 6 months or later.  This baby teether is a rattle and a teether in one! Lightweight and easy for young babies to hold, they love the sound and the silicone calms their teething woes.  Secret is out!
This list is just a small insight on some of the best baby products on the market right now.  Of course, there are so many more but this is a great start to begin your registry, especially since so much is now done online and not in the store with a consultant.
If you are looking for more help with your Baby Registry, feel free to follow us on Instagram, send me a DM or shoot me an email.
Good luck & HAPPY SHOPPING, Mommy!


BIBS – Best Pacifiers of 2020

bibs matching outfits

The beginning of 2020 and we’re back on the paci talk.  Which is best for your babe?  Which type will my new baby take to?  What size?  What color?  So many questions… so little time!

Bibs pacifiers have really taken over (the world!).  Mama’s from all over the world have seen big success with this natural and high-quality brand.

First, let’s get back to the basics!

Bibs comes in three sizes.  The recommended size chart for bibs is Size 1 is for babies 0-6 months,  Size 2 for babies 6-18 months and Size 3 for babies 18 -36 months.

Bibs have their basic colors (and most popular), such as Iron, Sage, Baby Pink, and White.  Every season, they come out with their seasonal colors, such as Wine, Petrol and Coral.  Sometimes these seasonal colors stick around and sometimes not.  New to the Bibs family though, are glow in the dark pacifiers.  FINALLY!!!  Gone are the days when it’s 3am and you’re fishing around your babe’s crib in the dark looking for his paci and he’s screaming on the top of his lungs!  Or when your little one is old enough to reach for it but can’t seem to find it in the dark.

bibs pacifier colors
bibs pacifier colors


Bibs pacifiers are most similar to a mother’s breast, which gives an added bonus for babies who are breast feeding.  They take to it easily and mama can relax and have a peaceful baby.

Whichever color or size you choose, you can not go wrong with choosing Bibs pacifier’s for your new babe.  Stock up, though!  You don’t want to be left searching for that paci when your little one is having a meltdown!  It’s a lifesaver!