A Superstar’s Secret to Finding the Best Baby Clothing- New Feature

baby clothing help

baby clothing help

Mama, you’re killing it! It can be exhausting raising little ones while working and trying to maintain a personal life. But you do it all with charm and grace. 

You deserve to be treated like a superstar. We’re talking pampering. Massages and fruity cocktails served by the pool. That’s why we developed our free personal shopping service especially for you. 

At Lilattoosh Baby, we’re always scouring the globe for the snuggliest and cutest baby clothing and accessories. But we’re not just an online baby boutique. We’re here to make life easier for modern mamas. 

Shopping for a baby gift or something for your own babe? Let us take over so you can spend more time with your little one. (Or poolside with a Piña Colada — we’re not judging!)

Here’s why you should give our personal shopping service a try the next time you need baby clothing. 

help with baby gift

Save Time

Busy mamas know there’s never enough time to fit it all in. But your babe is growing fast and needs some bigger clothes. 

The last thing you should have to do once your little one finally falls asleep is head to the mall. Ugh. The crowds. Bad lighting. And why does the whole place smell like pretzels?

Instead, let our expert personal shopper do the heavy lifting! Answer a few quick questions and she’ll select the perfect items for your babe. You already know we have the softest and most adorable baby clothing and accessories around. So you can relax because you and your babe are getting the best. 

 personal baby clothing

Find a Superb Baby Gift

Maybe you’re not shopping for your own babe. Or maybe you’re not even a mama and have no clue where to start when it comes to baby clothing. That’s ok! We’ve all been there…

Here’s where our personal shopper comes to the rescue. After you tell us a little bit about the babe in need, she’ll make some baby gift recommendations. Buy only what you like and we take care of the rest. 

We can ship directly to the mama-to-be and will even include a personalized gift message. And don’t worry! If for any reason mama doesn’t love the gift, she can easily return it for store credit and pick out something new.

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How Does It Work?

It’s so easy to use our personal shopping service you’ll wish every online boutique had one (We sure do!)

First, you’ll need to take our quick 2-minute personal shopping quiz. We’ll ask you about the babe your shopping for. 

  • Do you need a gift or is it for your own babe? 
  • Are you shopping for clothing, accessories or both?
  • How old is the babe? 
  • Do they have any favorite colors? 
  • Is this for a special occasion?
  • What’s your shopping budget?

personal shopper for baby

After that, you’ll fill in some contact info and voilà — you’re done! Your personal shopper will be in touch via email or Whatsapp within 2 business days. Once you receive your personal recommendations you can choose to buy as much or as little as you like. There’s no minimum purchase required. 

And the best part about our personal shopping service? It’s totally, 100%, no strings attached FREE! 

Want free shipping too? Spend at least $55 and you’ll get free shipping in the U.S. Spend $150 and get free shipping worldwide. If for any reason you don’t love your order, we accept returns within 14 days of receipt. Learn more about our return policy. 

So, what are you waiting for? Leave the shopping to us. Enjoy more snuggle time with your babe or treat yourself to a poolside massage.

Get started with our personal shopper right now!


Awesome Baby Registry Items New Mama’s Swear By

newborn baby clothes
newborn baby clothes
newborn baby clothes

Congratulations, mama! 

This is such a special time. As you eagerly await the arrival of your little one, enjoy every moment. Your life will forever be changed once your babe enters the world.

One way you can start preparing for mama life is to complete your baby registry. A baby registry makes things easier for those who want to pamper you with gifts. Not having an official baby shower? Your friends and family will still want to send well-wishes in the form of presents. 

Don’t leave the shopping up to your loved ones. Put together a wishlist for your babe. This way you won’t end up with duplicate items or things you’d never buy in the first place. Here are some must-have baby registry items. 

Big Ticket Stuff

Not everyone can afford grand baby shower gifts, but it’s always a good idea to include them on your registry. A few of your friends could chip in and split the cost of a more expensive gift.

If this is your first babe you’re going to need a car seat and stroller. Your babe’s room will need a crib or bassinet and dresser. A cozy rocking chair will make late-night feedings easier on you. Modern mamas love baby swings. When you need a few minutes to yourself but your babe wants to be rocked, put him in a swing and let him fall asleep. 

Bath Time Supplies

Bath time is a special bonding time for you and your babe. Giggles and splashing are guaranteed. Add a baby bathtub to your registry along with shampoo and baby body products. Don’t forget towels, washcloths and a few adorable bath toys. 

Bedding & Blankets

You’ll love spending time with your babe — and you’ll love it just as much when he’s sleeping peacefully! A few sets of fitted crib sheets will make life easier when your babe wakes up from a diaper disaster. 

You can never have too many swaddle blankets. Keep one in each room of the house so your little one never gets chilly. Swaddles are easy to wash and can be used as a burp cloth or nursing cover too. 


You can never have too many diapers. Newborns go through 12 — 15 diapers per day. If you’re using eco-friendly cloth diapers — get as many as you can. Trust us, you don’t want to run out!

Disposable diapers make great baby registry items because you know you’ll use them. Don’t forget to add baby wipes, diaper cream and a diaper pail to your registry too. 

Newborn Baby Clothes

Now we’re getting to the fun stuff! Picking out tiny clothes for your future babe is the best part of setting up a baby registry. 

Grab some adorable bodysuits. They’re perfect for all seasons. You can add leggings or hats if it gets chilly. A footie will keep your babe’s sweet toes warm and cozy. We love this footie with foldable mittens, to prevent your little one from scratching. 

Some more must-have newborn baby clothes are socks, bibs, leggings, pajamas and sweaters. 

Adorable Accessories

baby registries
baby registries

Baby accessories are precious and practical. You’ll want some soft and stretchy beanies to keep your babe’s head warm. A beautiful baby girl would look extra sweet with a bow headband.  And the hero of every mama’s journey — a pacifier. Make sure to add a few pacifiers and teethers to your registry, you’ll be thankful to have plenty around.

Excited to get started with your baby registry? Check out our wishlist feature. You can add any of our baby products to your list. Just click the heart on the product page. Happy shopping! 



Seven Adorable Baby Accessories for Newborn Photo Shoots

newborn photo shoot,
newborn photo shoot


Been dreaming about your newborn photoshoot since you discovered you were pregnant? Unless you’ve got Anne Geddes booked as the photographer, it may be up to you to collect a few different accessories for the shoot. 

Cute baby accessories can enhance newborn photos. Sure, nude sleeping babes are adorable. But you may want to cover your baby’s private areas (more on this later). Accessories can also add warmth, texture and fun to the pictures.

Your little bundle of joy is getting bigger every minute. Before you know it, he’ll be walking, talking and asking to borrow your car. Ok. Maybe it’ll be a while before he’s driving, but you get the point!

Find a local newborn photographer or take your own photos at home. Don’t forget to grab some of these adorable baby accessories and props to create photos you’ll treasure forever. 


Is there anything more precious than a tiny babe with a tiny bow headband? If you’re not sure where to start, bows are a great newborn baby accessory to get your feet wet. They slip on to your little one’s head easily and won’t leave a mark. 

best baby accessories
best baby accessories

Textured Blankets

Did grandma knit a special blanket for your babe? Or do you still have your baby blanket lying around somewhere?  A well-loved blanket adds warmth and texture to a newborn photo session. A plush faux fur throw can also be an extra cozy addition. Place your little one on top of the blanket for sweet sleepy time photos.


Can’t decide if your babe should be nude in their newborn photos? Some mamas love the au naturale look, while others prefer to keep their little ones covered. Swaddling your babe in a blanket can give you the best of both worlds. Your babe’s most sensitive parts are covered, but they still exist in a natural state. Try using a neutral swaddle to highlight your babe’s features. Or go with a printed swaddle for a fun and playful vibe.

Stuffed Animals 

Bring your babe’s favorite stuffed animal to the photo shoot. Pose the soft friend in their arms or lying by their side. Add some sweet touches like this to your photo session and you’ll get a variety of great shots.

Faux Flowers

A few well-placed flowers can elevate a newborn photo shoot. Fake flowers are ideal so they won’t irritate your little one. Also consider other nature-inspired additions like succulents, wreaths or branches.  

Seasonal Props

You could style your shoot with a pumpkin or some apples for a fall babe. A little Christmas sparkle for your December baby. Get creative! Remember less is more. Go easy with the props so you don’t distract from the main attraction — your sweet babe!


Hats make a great baby accessory for a newborn photo shoot. If your babe will be nude add a hat to keep them warm and stylish. We love this Newborn Cotton Beanie with Pom Pom. The plush pom pom pops on camera. These knot turbans will melt your heart. Kind of a mix between a bow and a hat. The soft and stretchy material will be comfy on your babe’s head.


Bloomers are a great way to cover your babe’s bottom. Your little one may thank you one day for not taking baby photos of him in the nude. Dress your babe in only a pair of bloomers and lay him on his tummy. You’ll get a peek at that precious baby skin without revealing too much. 

Whether you’re heading to a pro for your newborn session or DIY-ing it at home, don’t forget to add a few accessories. You’ll treasure these memories forever. Take your time and make sure you get exactly the photos you want.

Shop our baby accessories and find your perfect look!