Kyte Baby – Why We Love This Baby Clothing Brand

Kyte baby sleep bag
Kyte baby sleep bag

It’s time for another blog post about one of our favorite baby clothing brands!

Kyte Baby has everything modern mamas are looking for when shopping for their babes. Their bamboo baby clothing is soft, fashionable and sustainably made. You can’t go wrong with Kyte Baby. 

Meet Kyte Baby

Kyte baby footie
Kyte baby footie

Kyte Baby is a family-run baby clothing brand. It was founded in 2014 when mama, Ying Liu was struggling to find pajamas for her little one. Her daughter suffered from eczema and would pull off her PJs at night. She would get itchy and had trouble sleeping through the night.

Like all good mamas, Ying buckled down and did her research. She learned fabric made from bamboo was softer and more breathable than cotton. It would keep her babe’s skin cool while sleeping. Once she made the switch to bamboo PJs, her little one slept much better.

Another reason Ying fell in love with bamboo is that it’s one of the most sustainable fabrics. Bamboo requires less water and time than cotton to grow. It uses almost no pesticides — making bamboo the ideal choice for baby clothing.  

Ying wanted to make it easier for other mamas to find great baby clothes. So using a family connection, she began manufacturing her own line of baby clothing. Today she is involved in every step of the process from sourcing to design. 

Lilattoosh Baby Loves Kyte Baby

Kyte baby product
Kyte baby product

When we first decided to open an online baby boutique. We only wanted to carry baby clothing brands we knew and trusted. Kyte Baby was one of the first brands we stocked.

Snuggly and sustainable all their bamboo baby clothing and accessories meet our high standards. Plus they offer some of the cutest options out there! 

Lilattoosh Baby loves bamboo baby clothing. (Say that 5 times fast!) It’s sustainable, soft and a great choice for your babe. It grows quickly with few pesticides. Bamboo rayon will keep your little one cooler than cotton. Want to learn more about why we love bamboo baby products? Check out this blog post for the 411 on bamboo. 

Kyte Baby is also dedicated to producing products that are safe for your babe. All their pajamas and sleep bags are designed with safety and comfort in mind. The breathable bamboo fabric keeps your little one from overheating. Their sleep bags feature a curved zipper. This keeps your babe more comfortable and allows him (and you!) to sleep longer without waking. The zipper opens from the top and bottom — so those groggy, late-night diaper changes happen in a flash. 

Our Favorite Kyte Baby Products

Kyte baby, baby clothing
Kyte baby, baby clothing

Looking for neutral baby clothes? Kyte Baby has some of the best simple and beautiful designs. This Baby Bundler in Moss is a stunning shade of grey. Perfect for girls or boys. It will keep those precious little toes from catching a chill. 

If you want a pop of color — Kyte Baby delivers. Rich and vibrant color makes your little one shine like a star. We love this Bamboo Zippered Footie in Emerald. It’s beautiful and practical. The zipper from neck to foot makes diaper changes fuss-free. The bold, deep green looks great on babes of all skin tones.  

Adorable and thoughtful prints are another way that Kyte Baby knocks it out of the park. All their printed baby clothing is designed to teach your little one about our planet. Each print consists of 3 animals or plants that all live in the same environment. Like the Printed Romper in Forest. It features cute bunnies, hedgehogs and squirrels.

Kyte Baby’s bamboo swaddles are one of the best choices you can make for your newborn babe. They’re velvety soft and stretchy.  

Shop our selection of Kyte Baby clothing now!  

4 Adorable Baby Clothing Brands to Watch This Summer


After a long winter with cold days, colder nights, and barely any sunshine, we are finally entering those blissful summer months when you can kick back on the porch with lemonade in hand while your beautiful baby plays joyfully beside you.

You want to ensure the very best for your ray of sunshine, which is why you should consider only the very best baby clothing brands available today.

Given the hot temperatures, humidity, and sun exposure that is on its way, you need baby clothing brands that understand the importance of keeping your baby covered, cooled, and stylish all at the same time.

Here is our pick for the top 4 more adorable baby clothing brands to watch this summer:

Baby Noomie

Specializing in Pima cotton baby clothing that is breathable, ergonomic in design, and cooperative with sensitive baby skin, Baby Noomie is one of the go-to baby summer clothing designers in the U.S. From footies, sleepwear, and crib sheets, to blankets and beautiful baby accessories, this brand offers ultimate comfort with cotton that was made with you and your baby in mind.


Baby Noomie baby

Kyte Baby

Having recently launched their Summer 2019 collection, Kyte Baby is at the forefront of baby summer styling for little boys and girls looking to embrace the summer temperatures with smiles on their faces. Utilizing bamboo fabric, praised for its breathability, hypoallergenic nature, and comfort, all Kyte Baby summer clothing pieces will work with every kind of sensitive baby skin.

kyte baby bamboo baby outfits
kyte baby bamboo baby outfits

Jamie Kay

If you’re looking for girl’s designer clothes, then Jamie Kay is the place to find what you are looking for. This brand is known for adorable, edgy, and one-of-a-kind baby clothing pieces that will have your little one looking like a model. As summer befalls the U.S., they are releasing new sleeveless summer pieces, shirts, tank tops, dresses, and more, so your baby can stay cool and calm, no matter the temperatures outside.

jamie key best Baby clothing brands
jamie key best Baby clothing brands

Kissy Kissy

Having recently released their Boys Spring/Summer 2019 collection, shop warm weather must-haves in bold and bright prints that will have your little bundle of joy looking absolutely radiant. Kissy Kissy is carrying a range of comfy cute baby clothes that are made in softer than soft breathable Pima cotton. From shorts and pants to sleeveless tops and t-shirts, peruse entire boy’s wardrobe options from this baby clothing brand.

kissy kissy Baby clothing brands
kissy kissy Baby clothing brands

Lilattoosh Baby

Here at Lilattoosh Baby, we take pride in being a premiere baby boutique in Miami, carrying all of the best baby clothing brands for you to shop and consider. From 100% Pima cotton to bamboo fabric, all of our newborn baby outfits are comfortable, breathable, and made with sensitive baby skin in mind.