6 Baby Shower Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

shopping for a baby
shopping for a baby
shopping for a baby

Baby fever is real. And there’s no antidote in sight.  

Does it seem like all your friends are getting pregnant at the same time? Your fridge is so covered in baby shower invites, it’s hard to get to the food! Of course, you’re thrilled for your loved ones. But all these impending bundles of joy are starting to add up. 

Looking for some inexpensive baby shower gifts? Read on for 6 ideas that will make new mamas smile. (And not max out your credit card!)

Diapers — Everyone’s Favorite Baby Shower Gift

It’s true! You’ll never have too many diapers. If you’ve spent much time with newborns — you know they go through diapers like crazy. The cost of disposable diapers adds up and can become a big pain for new parents.

While diapers will never be the most glamours baby shower gift, you can package them cutely and creatively. Fire up Google and search “How To Make A Diaper Cake.” You’ll find tons of ideas for adorable displays.

Pacifiers & Teethers

best baby Teethers
best baby Teethers

These little guys are a mama’s best friend and a great budget option when shopping for a baby shower gift. You’ll find tons of cute teethers and pacifiers on the market. Be sure to look for ones that are non-toxic and BPA free. Collect a few and put together an inexpensive, matching baby shower gift.

This Cutie PAT Round is a two-in-one teether and pacifier. It’s easy for babies to grip and helps them self-soothe. Another stylish choice is this Bunny Teether. Do new parents a favor and gift them a pacifier clip too. The Gentry Cutie Clip attaches right to baby’s clothes. Stop the endless cycle of dropped pacifiers and crying babes with this thoughtful gift.

Babysitting (When Shopping for a Baby Gift Isn’t in the Budget)

This might be one of the most valuable gifts you can give a new mama. And it costs you nada! Offer your babysitting services to the mama-to-be. You can make a cute gift certificate or write it on the card. Watch the little one while mama runs errands or treats herself to a bit of pampering.

Not comfortable babysitting? Schedule a time to bring dinner over for the new parents a few weeks after the baby arrives. You’ll be a superhero.

Smart Onesies

baby shower gift under $15
baby shower gift under $15

A bold, graphic onesie can really hit the spot! You don’t need to pile on the gifts if you’ve got a great onesie that packs a punch. Find a onesie or bodysuit that says something special. It could be an inside joke or a sweet message.

The Crib Hair Don’t Care bodysuit makes a hilarious statement about both mama and babe. If you’re looking for something more inspirational we love this graphic bodysuit in Be Kind.


Books are an easy and cheap baby shower gift idea. You don’t have to worry about how they’ll fit. They’re classic, never go out of style and the little one won’t outgrow them in a month. Choose a few of your favorites from childhood. Or select some with similar themes — think animals, fairy tales, etc…

Swaddle Blankets

Like diapers, you can never have too many swaddles. These blankets have tons of uses and easily become soiled. This bamboo Uni Sushi Print Swaddle Blanket is too cute for words.  A more neutral option is this Bamboo Swaddle in Moss. Look for blankets made from bamboo or organic cotton. These healthy fabrics help to regulate the baby’s temperature.

Remember you don’t need to buy your cousin that $450 stroller to show her you care. A simple and thoughtful gift will make her feel loved. Set a budget when shopping for a baby shower gift and stick to it.


7 Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Gifts New Mamas Will Love

baby shower gift
baby shower gift
baby shower gift

Boy or girl? Blue or pink? We’ve all been there. 

You need a baby shower gift but you don’t know the baby’s gender. What do you do?

You can ask the mama. Some mamas-to-be get sick of this question real fast. Many parents choose not to learn the sex of their babe before birth. There aren’t a lot of surprises left in the world, so why not enjoy this one.

Did mama already tell you the gender, but you can’t remember? This happens to us all, don’t stress.

Or maybe the parents have chosen not to reveal their babe’s gender. The social concept of gender is changing rapidly. Many no longer see gender as binary. 

Whatever the reason, you’re shopping for a baby and need a gender-neutral gift. Here are some awesome options. Don’t settle for yellow ducks. There are plenty of adorable gender-neutral baby gifts out there.


Every mama will tell you, you can never have too many swaddle blankets. Make mama’s life easier by gifting her a few swaddles. She’ll always have one within arm’s reach. If you don’t know the babe’s gender, go for a neutral color like white or grey. A cute unisex print like this sweet Stars and Moons Swaddle would be a hit too. 


shopping for a baby
shopping for a baby

Teethers make a great baby shower gift. Most are gender-neutral and so cute! Babies start teething around 6 months, so chances are a new mama won’t already have too many teethers. We love this bunny crinkle teether. It’s soft and easy to clean. And it’s sweet crinkle sound is guaranteed to make little ones smile. 


Do you remember some of your favorite children’s books? Great books teach children about life and help shape their views of the world.  A cool baby shower gift idea is to package some of your favorite books together. You can even write a sweet inscription on the first pages. Children’s books aren’t going out of style anytime soon. Even if the little one is too young for them right now, mama will appreciate the sweet gift.

Pacifier & Pacifier Clip

Ah, the pacifier. A not so glamorous but total baby necessity. Love them or hate them, chances are good new mamas will find this baby gift very useful. For a cute custom baby gift, give mama a few matching pacifiers and pacifier clips. She’ll appreciate having multiples every time her babe starts to fuss.


“I have too many diapers” — said no one. Ever.

Why are diapers so expensive? The world may never know. Be a hero to new parents by gifting them an obnoxious amount of diapers. Make a diaper cake and bring them a big ol’ pile of diapers. Or consider gifting a diaper subscription service. Save new parents from those late-night diaper runs.

Sassy Bodysuit

When shopping for a baby onesie you don’t have to decide between butterflies and fire trucks. There are tons of gender-neutral bodysuits available. Gift a sassy onesie. That babe will be able to voice their opinion long before they start to talk. We love this “You Had Me at Tacos” bodysuit. Perfect for a mama who loves guac!

Classic Toys

A stuffed animal that’s been famous for decades. Or a wooden rocker that never goes out of style. Gender-neutral toys are usually the best looking ones with a classic design. Leave the pink princesses and blue sharks on the shelf and pick up a grey elephant instead. Toys in neutral shades will look awesome in any nursery color scheme. 

You can’t go wrong with a gender-neutral baby gift. Don’t wait until the mama reveals her baby-to-be’s gender, start shopping now!