Ryan & Rose cutie PAT VS Bibs pacifier

bibs matching outfits

What do we like about Ryan and Rose cutie PAT  pacifier ?

Ryan & Rose Cutie Pats have been a game changer in the pacifier industry.  They are all one piece, leaving no room for mildew to grow underneath the nipple, like a typical pacifier.  Another unique trait?  PAT.  Pacifier and Teether!  The Cutie Pat’s are a traditional pacifier on one side and a teether on the ring side.  And what babe doesn’t use their paci as a chew toy?
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What do we love about Bibs pacifier ?

Bibs are our most popular pacifier.  It’s very similar to a mother’s nipple, so a breast-fed and bottle fed babe will take to it easily.  It’s lightweight and the round, plastic handle is small enough not to bother their tiny faces.   With their classic and timeless design, but modern colors, mamas everywhere love this pacifier choice!   Shop all Bibs How to choose between Cutie PAT and Bibs pacifier  Our suggestion, try both!  Every babe takes to something different.  If you begin when they are in the hospital, whether breast-fed or bottle fed, most babies will take some type of paci immediately.  Each have their pros and cons, like any item on the market, but each have a unique and stylish design that will stand out and be a cute accessory for your new babe.  

Which brand has more trendy and cute colors 

Each brand has a unique look and continuously come out with new and trendy colors of the season.  


Ryan & Rose Cutie Pat’s and Bibs are both super trendy and valuable pacifiers.  They may not be supermarket cheap, but both brands are unique and have great reason to splurge on this every day accessory and necessity.  Depending on your style and babe’s wants and needs is the best way to choose which style and brand works best.    

Best Bibs Pacifier Colors You Need to Know About

BIBS Pacifiers for baby girl and boy

How to choose your Bibs pacifier color? 

With so many colors to choose from, it can be a daunting task.  Do you choose a neutral color that goes with everything or go with that gorgeous new plum color of the season?  If your babe is super into paci’s, our suggestion is to stock up!  You just never know when and where you will be stuck with your babe cranky with no paci in sight!  It’s best to choose a variety of colors and keep some by the kitchen and some in baby’s room, as well as diaper bag and even an extra in your car console.  For your main paci’s that are used every day, keep a few neutrals on hand and add a pop of color or two to fill in when your outfit of the day is a neutral.


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Bibs pacifier colors for boys 

Are you a boy mama?  So often, the typical boy colors can be boring.  Okay okay, we get it.  There’s blue, green, red, brown… this is one reason Bibs pacifiers are such a great go-to paci!  With so many colors to choose from, it can make any basic boy outfit suddenly super cute!  One of our fave’s is the color Sage, and it has been our most popular for months now!

It’s a great neutral and goes with everything but adds just enough color.  Another great option is Midnight.  It’s a gorgeous tone of blue, a mix between royal blue and navy.  A few other great options for boys is Island Sea (a it darker than sea foam), Iron (a steal toned grey), Cloud (a light blueish grey) & Dark Oak (dark taupe).



Bibs pacifiers for girls 

Of course, the typical girl colors are always fun, such as pinks and purples.  But Bibs has a variety of more girly color pacifiers that are sure to match all of those cute outfits hanging in your little babe’s closet!  Heather is a mix of lavender and baby pink, making a subtle and unique statement.  Coral, is well, coral!  Such a beautiful shade for a nice pop of color or for a warm vacation days.   One of our faves and a popular color has been Orchid, a brighter mix of raspberry and purple.  And of course the basics, such as Baby Pink, Blush and Ivory, a great neutral that goes with everything!



Seasonal Bibs pacifier colors

With each season and change in temps, Bibs comes out with new colors to match the holiday or seasonal changes.  This Fall/Winter season, one of our faves is the color Ruby, which is a deep wine red.  Another popular color has been Chesnut, a smokey brown color, so perfect for the cool fall weather.

Match Bibs pacifier with your baby outfits 

As with any accessory, us Mama’s love matching our babe’s outfit to their accessories.  It keeps the morning routine exciting and when you get that comment about attention to details from another Mama, it’s sure to make you smile.  How cute would it be if your lil babe was wearing an all black outfit and the paci was a black matching one!  Or your little girl was wearing the cutest sundress with shades of coral and oranges and her paci was Coral to match!  Don’t miss out on this! need help choosing take advantage on our free personal shopper tool 

bibs matching outfits