goosebumps baby swaddle – should you swaddle your baby?

Being a new mama or a veteran, been there, done that kinda mama, we always need reminders at certain stages of our babe’s lives with what is best.  Times change, rules change, new products pop-up and sometimes, we live and we learn.

Swaddling your new baby keeps them warm and cozy, just like in the mother’s womb.  They come from a world of dark, curled up and warmth and suddenly enter a cold and open environment.  Keeping them swaddled ensures this ‘womb-like’ feel for the baby.

Ever realize how a baby is easily startled in their sleep?  Their arms open wide and their legs stretch out?  This is normal with a newborn, as they are not used to all of these big loud sounds and movements.  Swaddling will help keep them feeling safe and that tight wrap will keep them from being startled awake.  They will sleep much better and mama will have a nice coffee break (or much needed extra sleep!).

Goosebumps Baby offers a fantastic swaddle with just enough of a Lycra mix that will make swaddling your babe easy and stylish.  With on trend prints, such as animal prints (wild child) and black and white stripes (cookies and cream) to tie dyes and florals, your babe will not only have the best sleep but look their best, too!

Goosebumps Baby — Why We Love This Baby Clothing Brand

tie dye baby clothing
tie dye baby clothing
tie dye baby clothing

Cute and snuggly are your top priorities when it comes to baby clothing. And at Lilattoosh Baby — cute and snuggly are what we live for! 

Our mission is to bring you the latest styles and softest fabrics for your little ones. We’re always searching for the crème de la crème of baby clothing. So when you shop with us you know your babe is getting the best.

We want to share with you some of our most beloved baby clothing brands. This post is the first in a series highlighting our favorite makers of modern baby products. Each article in this series will give you a closer look at the brands and we’ll tell you why we love them. 

To kick-off, we had to start with Goosebumps Baby.

Goosebumps Baby
Goosebumps Baby

Babes love ‘em. Celebrities love ‘em.  We love ‘em. And we know you’ll love Goosebumps for their cuddly fabrics and adorable prints.

Goosebumps Baby Clothes

Goosebumps Baby brand
Goosebumps Baby

Goosebumps’ motto is “comfy as your favorite t-shirt.” And they’ve nailed it. We’re talking swaddles, onesies, accessories and more. All made from a super soft material. Ironically, your little one will never get goosebumps while wearing these warm and cozy clothes. 

Goosebumps clothing is made from a blend of modal rayon and spandex. You get the perfect mix of breathable softness with the right amount of stretch. Modal fabric is durable and eco-friendly. It doesn’t pill and won’t shrink in the wash. Is there anything more frustrating than your babe not fitting into brand new clothes?

It’s easy to find soft, modern baby products. But where Goosebumps shines is their adorable prints. From animal print to tie-dye to simple polka dots and stripes. Your babe will be too cute for words in every piece.



Why We Love It?

It’s easy. Goosebumps Baby doesn’t sacrifice on style or comfort. 

Check out this adorable tie-dye romper. It checks all the boxes. Soft fabric? Yup.  Cute print and bright colors? You betcha. And a fashion-forward design. You can even grab this matching mini swaddle. This lovey attaches to pacifiers and teethers, so your babe has something soft to hold on to. (And maybe save your eardrums from a few dropped pacifier screams…)

We love the variety of tie-dye prints Goosebumps offers. Bohemian mamas will love them too. Your babe will look cute and casual and might even start to rock out to your Grateful Dead albums!

Goosebumps baby also makes swaddles, one-pieces and two-piece sets. Check out all of our favorite modern baby products from the brand. 

Why Celebs Love It

You might not realize it. But some of your favorite mommy bloggers and celebs are dressing their babes in Goosebumps. These mamas and babes get thousands of likes on their Instagram every day. Take a style cue or two from a Gram mama and dress your babe in Goosebumps.

Former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk and his wife Lauren Luyendyk love to dress their babe, Alessi in Goosebumps. A fashionista mama like Lauren can be extra picky when it comes to clothes for her babe. But she’s obsessed with Goosebump’s soft and cute styles. They’re perfect for cuddling. 

 Arie Luyendyk baby

You get double trouble with Instagram and YouTube sensations Tatum and Oakley Fisher. The twins have over 3 million followers. They’ve been ‘gramed in Goosebumps Baby’s matching two-piece sets. Or should we call them four-piece sets?

Amber Fillerup is a busy modern mama. She’s got three little ones, runs her own company and still has time for perfectly styled IG posts. She relies on Goosebumps clothes to keep her babes comfy, cozy and always ready for a photo op. 

Bring some adorable snuggles into your cuddle time with Goosebumps Baby. Shop now to get your hands on the latest styles!