The Do’s & Don’ts of Mommy and Me Fashion

mommy and me matching
mommy and me matching
mommy and me matching

Was that an earthquake? No. Just another killer Instagram post from Beyoncé. With over 130 million followers she can start a trend in seconds. If you’re one of those millions you know the Queen Bee loves dressing in matching clothes with her daughter Blue Ivy. In fact, Blue and Bey practically started the Mommy and Me trend. 

Mommy and Me style is all about matching mamas and babes. Show off how cute your little one is and take some memorable photos in your coordinating outfits. 

mom and baby matching
mom and baby matching

But what about normal, non-popstar mamas? Matching Gucci and Balmain dresses are out of reach. Not everyone can afford premium designer clothes for children. And just because a superstar can pull off a trend, doesn’t mean you can.

We love Mommy and Me style. But before buying a closet full of matching paisley print dresses — think about why you and your mini-me are embracing the trend.

When Did Mommy and Me Style Get Cool?

matching mom and baby

Remember when you were growing up? Back in the 80s and 90s. Chances are you would’ve hated wearing matching outfits with your mother. You’d rather drink Diet Crystal Pepsi than let your friends see you and your mama dressed in the same clothes.

So what’s changed?

The options have gotten way better. Back in the day, it was all floral print Laura Ashley dresses that made your mom look like a sofa. Today your favorite brands make designer clothes for children. So instead of dressing like a little girl, you can dress your little girl like her stylish mama. (That’s you!)

Little girls these days are much more into fashion. Your little one is already picking out her clothes based on what you’re wearing. If you’re in stripes, I bet your baby girl is donning stripes as well. It proves that fashionable mamas have fashionable babes!

Mini-Me Dressing Gone Wrong

There are lots of adorable and kid-friendly ways to embrace the Mommy and Me trend. But steer clear of anything that makes your daughter look older than she is.

You don’t want to simply buy smaller versions of your clothes. A three-year-old does not need a mini bandage dress, right? Make sure any Mommy and Me styles you buy are appropriate for your little one. Some of the more trendy girls designer clothes skew too old.  She grows up fast enough. Don’t rush the process by dressing her like someone twice her age.

On the other hand, you want to make sure any Mommy and Me outfits you buy for yourself aren’t too childlike. Mamas don’t need to dress like little girls. Too many ruffles and bows can make you look immature. You want your daughter to see you as a strong and powerful woman.

Mommy and Me Done Right

We love the Mommy and Me style that flatters both mama and babe. Look for clothes that match but aren’t carbon copies of each other. The same print used in different ways can make both you and your daughter look amazing. She’ll look sweet and precious, you’ll look like a cool and casual modern mama. 

Make sure your daughter is the one initiating Mommy and Me style. If she’s always in your closet trying on your clothes, this is a good sign she’d love to match with you. Forcing little ones to wear clothes they hate is not worth the battle.

Be like Beyoncé

If your daughter seems up for it, go ahead and give Mommy and Me fashion a try!

Just be careful not to stifle your little girl’s style or creativity. You would’ve hated your mother for that. Let her decide when to dress in matching outfits. 

Lots of girls designer clothing brands out there are doing it right. Be sure to shop around and find the perfect Mommy and Me outfit for you and your little girl.