Why Your Babe Needs Natural Baby Clothes?

Organic baby clothes
Natural Baby Clothes
Natural Baby Clothes

You spend so much time and energy worrying about what your babe eats. You know healthy food equals healthy, happy kids. You would never feed your little one fast food every day. 

But have you thought about how their clothes are made?

Flame retardant chemicals, bleach and pesticides — you don’t want these toxins anywhere near your precious babe. Unfortunately, these chemicals are all used when producing inexpensive fabrics.

Just like with food, you get what you pay for. When it comes to baby clothes, natural is best. You’d never let your little one eat McDonald’s french fries and chicken nuggets every day. So make sure your babe isn’t absorbing harmful toxins through their skin.

Organic Baby Clothes

What are baby clothes made of? 

Did you know cotton is one of the world’s dirtiest crops? Though cotton only accounts for 2.4% of crops grown, it uses 16% of the world’s pesticides. Yuck!

By buying organic baby clothes, you’re supporting sustainable farming practices. We all want a better world for the next generation. Choosing products that don’t harm the environment is one of the best ways you can help make the future safer for your children.

When you buy organic baby clothes you’re also ensuring your little one is safe from those cancer-causing pesticides. Pesticides aren’t the only chemicals you need to worry about. The process for turning raw cotton into a useable fabric requires some dangerous substances, like bleach.

The only way to know your babe’s clothes have not come into contact with these chemicals is to buy 100% organic clothing. Organic clothes are only a bit more expensive than conventional clothing. And when it comes to your little one’s health, they’re worth every penny.

If you aren’t able to exclusively dress your babe in organic cotton, the next best thing is to stick to natural fibers.

Organic baby clothes

Natural Baby Clothes

What are the different fabrics baby clothes are made of?

Bamboo and hemp are both sustainable fabrics that make wonderful, snuggly baby clothes.

If you can’t go with 100% organic baby clothing all the time, look for fabrics made from bamboo. 

Not just food for panda bears anymore. This plant transforms into a wonderfully soft fabric. Bamboo rayon is breathable and hypoallergenic too. It grows easily with little water, so you can feel good about buying sustainable bamboo clothes. Check out this blog post to learn more about bamboo. 

Hemp is another great choice for natural baby clothes. It’s antimicrobial and absorbent. Hemp fibers are often blended with cotton to get the perfect balance of soft, durable fabric. Plus it gets softer with every wash.

Synthetics Can Harm Your Babe’s Skin

One of the most loveable things about your babe is their soft and sweet skin. But you know it’s ultra-sensitive as well. Babes are prone to skin conditions like eczema and synthetic fibers can cause flare-ups. 

Avoid baby clothes made from polyester, acrylic or nylon fibers. These fabrics don’t allow your little one’s skin to breathe very well. They don’t wick away sweat and absorb heat the way cotton and other natural fibers do. 

Look for baby clothes with little to no synthetic fibers. Some companies add a bit of spandex to their fabric blend for stretch. 10% or less of these fibers shouldn’t affect your babe too much. But if your babe has eczema or other skin conditions stick to 100% natural fibers. 

Put down and run away from any items that contain only synthetic fibers, these are not good for your little one.

As a modern mama, you can only do your best. Skip the drive-thru baby clothes and stick to all-natural and organic options. Start your babe off on a healthy and happy foot!



What is Bamboo? Learn More About This Ecofriendly Newborn Baby Fabric You Need in Your Life

When we hear of bamboo, we think of the long stalked-plant that we can find in Asian forests, or use as home décor in the corner of the room.

However, have you ever stopped to pause on the benefits of this naturally occurring plant, and how its fibers can be used in the creation of clothing? Scientists have discovered that not only is bamboo comfortable and soft, it’s also hypoallergenic, making it a perfection option for baby clothing brands.

So what is bamboo? Let’s breakdown this eco-friendly newborn baby fabric further.

Why Bamboo?

bamboo baby clothing
bamboo baby clothing


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on earth, growing up to a yard in a single day. Due to its vast, expansive nature, it grows in interconnected networks that regrow themselves when bamboo stalks are harvested.

Therefore, it doesn’t require replanting, fertilizers, or pesticides that can end up in other fabric materials.

Once harvested, the bamboo is converted into a fabric known as rayon, which is heralded for its naturally soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic properties.

As one of the most sustainable materials on earth, buying clothing made from rayon is an eco-friendly investment on the planet.

Top 3 Benefits of Buying Bamboo Baby Fabric

Although the benefits are expansive, here are some of the major benefits of dressing your little one in bamboo newborn baby outfits:

  • Breathability:

Especially with the hot summer months arriving, you need breathable baby outfits for your children. Bamboo is 3-degrees cooler than cotton, with natural fibers that are breathable in any kind of climate. The bamboo absorbs and evaporates humidity better than any other fabric available today.

  • Hypoallergenic Properties:

Bamboo is a hypoallergenic fabric that does not cause any reactions or skin irritations. It’s so hypoallergenic, in fact, that it is recommended for babies suffering from Eczema. Due to its natural breathability, babies are able to regulate their body temperature and keep their skin cool, dry, and happy.

  •  Sustainability: 

Since bamboo requires no chemicals and very little water to grow, this plant is extremely eco-friendly. Additionally, bamboo absorbs more CO2 from the air than either cotton or timber, releasing oxygen to improve air quality at the same time. Once you are done with the baby clothes, bamboo is biodegradable and valuable for our landfills and waste plants.


Our Bamboo Commitment in Our Baby Store Miami

We believe in the sustainability, comfort, and breathability of rayon, which is why we include newborn baby outfits, girl’s designer clothes, and baby clothing brands that utilize this fabric today. Check out our selection, right here in Miami!