The Stylish Baby Teether That Will Keep You and Your Baby Happy

Baby Teether

Babies have to teething, it’s a natural part of their development. In order for their teeth to come through their gums, as well as the ability to properly chew, they need to explore the sensation of closing their jaws to chew the food in their mouths.

Although it might not be a pleasant experience for the parent, it’s a necessary evil.

However, we don’t believe that teethers need to be these ugly resources, carried along for every journey. In fact, teethers can be stylish baby clothing brand accessories that enhance, not inhibit, your appearance.

All it takes is a little creativity and a new perspective!

Here are some of the most stylish baby teethers for you to consider this year:

  1. Wooden Bunny Ear Teethers:
 Best Teething Toys - Bunny Ear Teethers
Best Teething Toys – Bunny Ear Teethers

If you want to keep your bundle of joy from chewing on chemicals in plastics and other cheap materials, then consider a teether made on a wooden ring, with incredibly cute bunny ears that make it an adorable presentation. Available in different colors for both baby boys and girls, your little one will be totally obsessed with this kind teether.

  1. Silicone + Wood Necklaces:
stylish baby teethers
stylish baby teethers

Maintain your personal style while your baby chews away at bohemian wooden necklaces. Made with different color wood pieces at silicone that is 100% degradable and safe for chewing, each necklace contains plenty of fun shapes and colors for your child to grab and bite. Not to mention, made with neutral tones, these necklaces will match any outfit, so you can maintain your personal style while being the best mom around.

  1. Silicone Teething Bracelets:

Match your teething necklaces with teething bracelets, available in black, peach, grey, blue, white, and other subtle colors. With silicone teeth pieces attached to each bracelet, allow your baby to teethe and play while you go about your daily errands with a new, flashy, and respectable bracelet in tow.

  1. Pacifier Bracelets:
 Teething Rings - Pacifier Bracelets
Teething Rings – Pacifier Bracelets

For something a little more colorful, check out these pacifier bracelets that will fit around your wrist snuggly while your baby sucks on the binky at the end. Available in shades ok grey, pink, blue, white, and black, slip these snug silicone binky bracelets on and keep your baby happy.

  1. Teether Sets:

Don’t forget about regular teething toys, like single silicone teethers in the shape of rainbows, animals, sushi, desserts, and other fun shapes that will leave your baby boy or baby girl excited. Who said teething had to be boring?

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